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MyComponents: Product End-Of-Life

It is with much regret and after a long deliberation and consultation process that we have to announce that, after an epic run of almost 11 years in the era of MySQL 3.11 in the late 1990s, the MyComponents product has reached the end-of-life stage. Given Delphi's progressive slide in popularity, it is no longer economically viable for SciBit to maintain.

We will however continue to sell and support licenses for the current Delphi 2007 compatible version. As well as support (and even contribute) to any open source project born from this product should someone feel so inclined.

MyComponents: Version 2006.4.5 - Delphi 2007 Release

It gives us great pride to announce the release of MyComponents V4.5 native Delphi/Kylix VCL suite. This update includes mainly fixes to issues as it has been reported to Support and on this and other forums as well as Delphi 2007 packages, help, apis and demos.

This update is free of charge for all customers whom own a 2005.4.x MyComponents serial. Everyone still using a pre-2005.4 MyComponents may upgrade to the newest version by logging into their Secure accounts: simply click the Secure link at the top of this page.

Previous articles concerning MyComponents 4.x are:
MyComponents 2005.4.4 released
MyComponents 2005.4.3 …

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MyComponents: RemObjects DataAbstract 3 API Released

SciBit is proud to announce the release of the MyComponents API packages for interfacing with RemObjects' DataAbstract.

This release includes packages for both the VCL as well as the standalone DAD driver for MyComponents. This API will become part of any future releases of MyComponents.

You can now use your favourite remote objects with your favourite MySQL components just as you would have used an ADO or IBX connection. The new API is available on the MyComponents website

MyComponents: Quick Tip 2: MyComponents for MySQL in Threads

Definitely an issue that arises more often than not in real world applications, and definitely one that pops up on our forum from time to time.

Firstly, a bit of the fundamentals. MyComponents are derived from the standard Borland TCustomConnection and TDataset classes, and it is therefore important to realize that if these base classes' methods are not thread protected (using synchronization), neither are those of the MyComponents. That said, the MyComponents are quite safe to use in an isolated manner from and within threads (TThread). Moreover, the MyComponents classes actually makes special provision for you to create threaded connections to the MySQL server.

Also to be kept in mind, is that all Borlands' GUI VCL runs in the main application thread, and therefore is it not possible to create a dataset in a thread and have it be connected to a DBGrid for example. However, the TMySQLDataset does have a thread open …

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MyComponents: MySQL ClientLibrary 4.1.14 released

SciBit now also maintains our own libmysql.dll which supports both old and new authentication and is only 160KB in size. So if you absolutely have to use a dll (instead of the Direct driver), then you can download it from MyComponents

Unlike MySQL's newest clientlibraries, which are 1-2MB in size and is usually not versioned, does the SciBit library contain full version info, is small and works 100% with the MyComponents. NOTE: It only implements the API needed by the MyComponents, which is minimilistic, so don't go replace all your other apps' libmysql.dll with it!

It is also free, and contains 0% MySQL source code (it is written 100% in native Delphi) and therefore does not carry any licensing issues for your commercial applications.

MyComponents: Issue Notice: To BLOB or not to BLOB

It was brought to our attention that some MySQL server versions, ex. 4.1.14, responds with a result containing blob columns from certain types of SQL statements, ex. "show create table abc", yet, the columns are not marked with the blob_flag by MySQL, and therefore are these columns not presented as blobs in Delphi when using MyComponents.

You can correct this in your code by update your source like this:
MySQLDataset.pas, method InternalOpenResultBlock, line ~1550
if (do2KStrToMemo in FOptions) and (FieldType in [FIELD_TYPE_STRING,FIELD_TYPE_VAR_STRING,FIELD_TYPE_VARCHAR]) and (FieldLength > 2048) then begin
FieldFlags := FieldFlags or BLOB_FLAG;
// Add
if …

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MyComponents: Issue Notice: LastInsertID (non-critical)

A non-critical, non-severe issue was recently discovered by one of our customers in the latest release of the MyComponents. This bug will affect you if:
1. You have the latest MyComponents (2005.4.x)
2. You use the Direct driver (the bug doesn't affect any MySQL libmysql.dll drivers)
3. You display or explicitly use the LastInsertID string property of a dataset
4. Your table's autoinc column's count is beyond 16 million

You can fix this bug if you are a registered customer by changing

uMySQLClient.pas, function net_field_length_ll, line 391:
packet:=packet+9; //8 bytes value
result:= (byte(pchar(packet)[1]))+
(byte(pchar(packet)[2]) shl 8)+
(byte(pchar(packet)[3]) shl 16)+
(byte(pchar(packet)[4]) shl 24);
a:= …

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