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Final results from the UC exams

Four in the afternoon hit all too quickly today at the UC. 209 exams were delivered with 182 people passing. We had a few minor technical glitches but thanks to the very hard work of the Certification Team's all star players Christine Fortier and Ricky Ho (who managed to perform miracles on a routine basis while getting me trained on how UC exams really work) the three days of testing just went by in a blur.

Thanks to all who participated in the exams this year. There were a lot of very special people at the UC that we got to meet at the Magnolia room.

And special thanks to Jay Pipes who handled the UC and my tedious questions with such ease despite having no luggage for most of the conference.

Exams Pass Fail Total
Associate 11 0 11
Cluster 7 0 7
DBA-I 57 10 67
DBA-II 46 3 49
DEV-I 34 9 43
DEV-II 27 5 …
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