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MySQL 8.0 GIS Units of Measure - Meter, foot, Clarke's yard, or Indian Foot

The ST_DISTANCE function has been upgraded in MySQL 8.0.16 to allow you to specify the unit of measure between to locations.  Previously you had to convert from meters to what you desired but now you can use the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ST_UNITS_OF_MEASURE table to help you get many of the more popular measurements (foot, yard, statue mile, nautical mile, fathom) and some ones that are new to me (chain, link, various feet).   However some measures are omitted (furlong,smoot) that may have some relevance in your life.

select * from information_schema.ST_UNITS_OF_MEASURE;
Fetching table and column names from `mysql` for auto-completion... Press ^C to stop.
| UNIT_NAME    …

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