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Doc BUGs – an easy way to contribute Open Source project(part-1)

In this topic I would like to make some notes about questions, how we can contribute or help on Open Source project.
The first thing is, to learn the product itself, how to install, how to remove, how to use etc.
Of course, the first place for this information is an official documentation.
How you can use the DOC? I am taking following approach:
* Read the doc to learn the needed thing.
* Test the info provided in the DOC –
if the info is valid(i.e you have different results)
if it is not valid:
Report a bug – then continue reading.

The issue can be in DOC itself or in the product.
Did you find small typo in DOC? Did you think some info about topic is wrong? Or maybe you found wrong code samples?
Report it immediately and you will be the part of community.

Let’s take some DOC bug reports and examine them to get the idea.
The first is -> …

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