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Running simultaneous queries with Python, for killing them

This topic is about, simple approach to run multiple sql statements for testing XtraBackup behaviour – if it is going to kill them due to blocked FTWRL(FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK).

According to the DOC -> Backup Locks

Percona Server has implemented this feature to be a lightweight alternative to FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK for both physical and logical backups. Three new statements are now available: LOCK TABLES FOR BACKUP, LOCK BINLOG FOR BACKUP and UNLOCK BINLOG.

So by default, if you are using PS it is going to use LOCK TABLES FOR BACKUP prior copying non-InnoDB tables.

Well, how to force to use FTWRL instead of Backup Locks?
Congratulations – we have --no-backup-locks option, if you specify it, the FTWRL will be used.

Okay, again reading the DOC …

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