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ScaleDB is Hiring a Senior Software Engineer for DBMS Kernel

ScaleDB extends MySQL for high-velocity high-volume data, enabling near real-time analytics across massive streams of data. Like Hadoop, ScaleDB leverages a cluster of commodity machines with low-cost spinning disks for storage, mitigating the typical trade-offs between data fidelity and the volume of data and time analyzed. NoSQL and Hadoop are excellent choices for unstructured data, or data variety challenges. However, if your data is structured time-series data, and generated at high-velocity and high-volume, ScaleDB is the tool for you. On a nine-node cluster, ScaleDB inserts millions of rows per second and queries up to 1000 times faster, more than enough speed for today’s most demanding applications.

ResponsibilitiesLooking for C/C++ experience, ideally with experience with database server internals. You will design and implement a next generation database storage engine. You will have ownership for one or more modules of the …

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