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A compilation of news of interest:

JSF 2.0 went into Public Review Draft and Jim has posted more entries in his series showing how to take advantage of the new functionality. In the first one, he describes how to write an AJAX-aware Editable Text Component - sources are here. The second is a SwitchList - sources for …

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Small Tip: How to Enable ActiveRecord Logging in Merb

Today I was developing one small merb application for one of our projects and needed to see ActiveRecord logging on console like I do in Rails. After a short research I’ve found out that merb_active_record plugin passes its MERB_LOGGER to AR by default so I decided to try to change merb log level and here they are - my pretty colored AR logs!

So, if you want to see ActiveRecord logs in your application in development mode, then you need to add one line to your conf/environments/development.rb file:

puts "Loaded DEVELOPMENT Environment..."

MERB_LOGGER.level = Merb::Logger::DEBUG

That’s it for now. Long live merb!

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