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Nightmare on Web Street Winner

In the spirit (pun intended) of Halloween, Hyperic sponsored a Nightmare on Web Street contest, where folks were encouraged to tell their grim tales of IT woe for a chance at trick-or-treating for a Wii! The day has come, and the contest winner has been selected. Without further ado, I would like to congratulate “Mr Anderson” for his nightmarish tale of servers and HTML. Here’s the winning entry folks:

Oh by the way, your websites will no longer be hosted in 4 days

In spring of 2002 I was called in by a Company to help them with their websites (I wasn’t an employee at that time, I had a small shop of about 10 guys doing web development/business systems).

The issue? Their Host went bankrupt and they had 4 days to move 100+ sites with 50+ pages each off their servers before the plug was pulled.

If this didn’t go …

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