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Voting on Sessions for MySQL Central @ OpenWorld

MySQL Central is truly a MySQL Community show. This year there are five tracks and the majority of the sessions in all the tracks except Performance and Scalability had many more submissions from the MySQL Community than from Oracle/MySQL. The voting has been tough this year for me. Picking roughly fifty talks out of about two hundred submissions may sound easy. But this year I found only a few topics that were easy to score lowly as they were either off the mark for the conference or not strong enough subjects for the devotion of an hour. So that took it down from two hundred sessions to one ninety seven.

I do not know how the other selectors are making their choices but I had an exhausting time of it. The first pass took me a week part-time to read all the details of each submission without looking at the author in order to judge the talks on their content. Next I look for amazing presenters who have taught me something in the …

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