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MariaDB and MySQL performance boost using noatime

MariaDB and MySQL performance boost using noatime. Take a peek at your filesystem mount file on your Linux Box /etc/fstab

/dev/VolGroup01/LogVol01 /data ext3 defaults 0 0

In many cases just like the above you'll see that MySQL data location is mounted with "defaults" options - in our case MySQL data files are located in /data partition.

What does it mean? It means that you are taking a performance hit every time the file is accessed (read or write) on your file system. There is a record created i.e. physically written to the file system, that is besides MySQL access.

The issue is that if you do not explicitly specify "noatime" mount option for your ext3 file system the default "atime" will be used. This option is constantly writing to the disk bogging down your io performance. Unless you have a specific need for "atime" you are wasting io resources especially if you are using database …

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