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See you at the UC in April!

I'll be speaking at the MySQL Conference and Expo on April 22-25 in Santa Clara. On April 25 at 1:50 PM I'll be talking about using MySQL in the Amazon AWS cloud but to be honest, I hevn't done much formal preparations. I will prepare some slides here, but fact is that most of this session will be practical, hands-on stuff. Largely, I'll show stuff that I used when I was Database Architect and Admin for a reasonably large AWS installation.

Anyone telling you that Amazon AWS is just like any other environment, except that disk-I/O is slower, doesn't get it, there is much more to AWS than that. By using the services that comes as part of AWS there are loads on things you as a DBA or Devops can do to simplify and automate everyday tasks. Backups, slave provisioning, availability are things that can …

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