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The Telecommuter's Introduction

Vancouver, 2012-02-17 – One of my first tasks when I started at MySQL AB was to write an introduction letter for myself. At the time, we had a small team that was widely distributed across much of the world and the introduction letter (and yearly all-hands meetings) were important parts of helping our small team work effectively.

As I've worked with different organizations, I've tried to continue the habit – when I start somewhere new, I write a relatively personal introduction and encourage others to do the same.

Here's the letter that I wrote for the Magnolia team.
Thank you Boris! Greetings All,I'm quite happy and excited to be joining the Magnolia team: the product is solid, the people I've interacted with have been great and the company culture seems a good match for me. Also, it doesn't hurt that a dear friend (Sandro Groganz) speaks really highly of Magnolia as a whole.If you are really pressed …

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