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mysqldiskusage – source code examination

As you know there is a great toolset named “MySQL Utilities”, which you can use for solving various administrative tasks.
mysqldiskusage utility is for calculating MySQL Server’s disk usage and generating informative reports.
Of course this project is open source and everybody could review the source code.
A few words about how mysqldiskusage calculates database disk usage will be crucial for understanding algorithm.
The source tree is: mysql-utilities-1.5.4/scripts/
If you open this Python file you will see (line 169-175) :

 # We do database disk usage by default.
        diskusage.show_database_usage(servers[0], datadir, args, options)
    except UtilError:
        _, e, _ = sys.exc_info()
        print("ERROR: %s" % e.errmsg)

By …

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mysqldiskusage – to see database disk usage by MySQL Workbench

As we know, MySQL workbench is excellent GUI tool for managing MySQL DB servers, creating ERDs (Data Modelling) and for sql development. But with this GUI tool, we are getting some command-line utilities too like mysqldiskusage, mysqlindexcheck, mysqlfailover, mysqldiff, mysqldbcompare etc., Here, I’m describing mysqldiskusage utility, which is not only displays mysql db usage but … Continue Reading

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