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Agile software delivery and schema changes - how do you do it

I work for and we're an agile delivery shop. We're trying to catch up to some of the best of the best web-shops like Etsy and so on through continuous delivery. Millions of deploys a day!

The big kicker with continuous delivery is around schema changes. I'm curious to know how everyone is performing MySQL (InnoDB) schema changes in a agile continuous delivery shop. So please comment and share your thoughts.

How do we do ours? First off we don't have a good story yet about schema changes though I think we're ahead of the pack

  • Limit schema changes to column additions / index changes / new tables
  • Perform our schema changes online using Master Master Active Standby replication (using hardware load balancer out the front of our databases - Citrix Netscaler)
  • Statement based replication 
  • Application fault tolerance (to a degree) - so …
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