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New Gerrit and Jenkins styles are live

After a bit of tweaking and improvements following feedback from various people the new changes to Jenkins and Gerrit are now live. The changes will also be rolled out onto Stackforge in the next 24 hours.

I've had a lot of great feedback in the few hours the changes have been live, many love it and some have suggestions for improvements. This is great, we know the look could use a bit of refining here and there. What makes this truly awesome is that the styles are kept in an OpenStack project with which anyone can file bugs or send patches up to Gerrit.

To modify the styles simply grab the openstack-ci-puppet repo and look in the Gerrit and Jenkins modules for the files. If you wish to file a bug, please do so in the …

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The real way to start hacking on OpenStack

I've seen recent attempts at blog posts to show how to get started at hacking on an OpenStack project.  Unfortunately they seem to have over-complicated the issue for new users.  As part of the Core Infrastructure team it is my job to make submitting, reviewing and merging code easier for developers.  This includes documenting that process, so here goes :)

  1. You need a Launchpad account and need to be joined to the Openstack team.  You can also join the team of one of the many subprojects if you want to.  Make sure Launchpad has your SSH key, Gerrit (the code review system) uses this.
  2. Sign the CLA as outlined in section 3 of the How To Contribute wiki page …
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Changes coming to Gerrit's style

Gerrit is a fantastic tool for performing code reviews and automating many of the tasks which can become quite complex. Unfortunately its default style is not the most attractive thing to look at all day. Yesterday I was tasked with skinning Gerrit to make it more in-line with Openstack. This was not as easy a task as I first anticipated, mostly down to not having the ability to edit the HTML layout very much without editing Gerrit's source.

The result isn't perfect but hopefully a notable improvement which will be coming to an Openstack review site near you soon.  Here is the before and after shots:

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