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Why you should submit a paper for an Oracle User Group event.

In this post:

  • Introduction
  • Reasons to submit a paper for an Oracle User Group event
  • What should you talk about?


Just a few days ago I received a reminder email from Burke Scheld for the “AUSOUG National Conference Series – Perth 2011 – Call for Papers”. I had an event-related conversation with several Oracle guys in my professional networks and the answers I received triggered this blog post. Some of the very good Oracle professionals I personally respect said “…I am not sure what I would get out of it …” or “…I haven’t done anything exciting for the last FEW MONTHS …”.
The answers I received shocked me a bit. Typically I am in the opposite situation where I have so many good things happening I would love to share with the world that I had to choose from too many topics to submit several. I am sure that I am not very different from other …

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