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SQLyog 9.61 Released – Now with Option for Chinese Interface

Changes (as compared to 9.6) include:

* A Chinese (Simplified) translation is now included.

Bug fixes:
* When there was an INFO tab open the server was unnecessarily queried for the content of the INFO tab (based on Object Browser selection) when closing the program. This could cause a slow shutdown.
* Fixed a crash occurring when pressing the ESC key in the CREATE/ALTER tab/dialog. This bug was introduced in 9.6.


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SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.6 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.51) include:

* When performing CREATE/ALTER TABLE operation from inside the Schema Designer now a dialog with a tabbed interface similar to the CREATE/ALTER TABLE tab will open.
* It is now optional if Query Builder will create statements with ‘fully qualified tablenames’ or not.
* Implemented Alt+Ins, Alt+Del, Alt+Up and Alt+Down for inserting, deleting, moving up/down the rows in CREATE|ALTER TABLE interface when the focus is on respective grids. The tooltip for the toolbar buttons will now show this shortcuts.

Bug fixes:
* In Data Sync a low setting of ’max_allowed_packet’ on source server could result in CONCAT_WS() used for checksums’ calculation returning NULL . We did not consider this and as a consequence rows could fail to sync without warning. We will now abort the job with an error message (if user …

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MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA Released

MySQL Cluster 7.2 is the best release to date, enabling projects and applications to benefit from web-scalability with carrier-grade availability and developer agility.

Oracle is delighted to announce the immediate availability of the production-ready, GA release of MySQL Cluster 7.2, available for download under the GPL, and as part of the commercial MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition, including management tools, product certifications and 24x7 global support.

70x Higher JOIN Performance, NoSQL Key-Value API & Cross Data Center Sharding with Synchronous Replication
1 Billion Queries per Minute

MySQL Cluster delivered 1 billion queries per minute (17.6m million queries per second), scaled-out across 8x commodity Intel x86 server nodes, …

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Monitor your MySQL servers like never before – use CSOs!

We are delighted to announce the release of MONyog 4.8 GA. This release is all about customization – to be precise Custom SQL Objects (CSO) and Custom SQL Counters (CSC).

The above diagram shows how Monitors & Advisors (MySQL Counters) are populated. MONyog has a repository of SQL Queries which are executed in regular interval of time & the results are stored in SQLite database of MONyog. These results are exposed as JavaScript objects and are referenced to populate Monitors and Advisors (MySQL Counters).

With CSO, you can add your own SQL queries to this repository & customise counters based on that. Discussed below are some cases on how useful CSOs can be.

  • Maintenance statements, for eg. CHECK TABLE, REPAIR TABLE etc.
  • You could query on …
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Creating tables now faster and easier with SQLyog 9.5


We are delighted to announce the release of SQLyog 9.5 GA. This release is geared towards enhancing the user experience.

The major changes are:

  • The conversion of modal dialogue boxes to a tabbed interface for creating and altering tables, and defining table properties.
    • Creating a table involves – defining columns, and often, creating indexes and foreign keys. Before, these actions had to be done one after the other, which was annoyingly slow. Now, you can define columns, and create indexes and foreign keys – all in a single interface, which gives you a single CREATE/ALTER TABLE query to execute. Not only is creating tables easier, it is also much faster!
    • Modal dialogue boxes limit one from multitasking. Previously, when in the middle of creating a foreign key, if some information had to be looked up from a different table (or even the …
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iPad Ready Dashboard & Wayback Machine

We are pleased to announce the release of MONyog 4.7 GA. Below is a brief on new features:


The world is moving towards tablets (I agree iPad in the title is a misnomer) and most of them don’t support Adobe Flash. As you know MONyog dashboard charts were on Flash and did not work on tablets. With this release we have switched to HTML5 charts. Not only do they work on all Smartphones and Tablets, they are faster than Flash charts. Hence, desktop users also gain from this release.

Flash charts used elsewhere in MONyog are also changed to slick HTML5 charts.

Embedded in this post are screen-shots with relevant section zoomed-in on an iPad.

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SQLyog is now available in Japanese

“Publishing software in English will make you reach most of the global audience” is a myth. Users like software in their own language. For Non-English speaking audience localized software is a necessity. We heard it. SQLyog is now available in Japanese & will be made available in other international languages soon. We are using crowd-sourced human translation services from myGengo for translating SQLyog. I’d also like to add that our website is machine translated using Google Translate.

Embedded below are some related screenshots:

Option to change language

SQLyog in Japanese

If you want to do your own translation, we will soon provide instructions and tools …

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MySQL Data Search enhanced in SQLyog 9.2

We have released SQLyog 9.2 GA with enhancements to the Data Search feature (and more).

Since we introduced the Data Search feature in SQLyog 9.1 we had a lot of positive responses – but also a few critical remarks that using the feature could cause unnecessary server load as well as unnecessarily long response times. Such scenario could arise when searching for a string in a BLOB column used for storing media files for instance. Or when searching all tables of a database when there was only need to search a few tables.

We have addressed this concern by adding filter options that let the user restrict the search to specific data types and to a subset of databases of a server, a subset of tables of a database or a subset of columns of a table.

Also we have added “+” and …

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MariaDB 5.2 repository for RHEL/CentOS

Until now, MariaDB 5.2 was lacking a yum repository for easy installs and upgrades. It is now available, thanks to OurDelta.

Just follow our very simple installation instructions.

MONyog MySQL Monitor 4.6 Has Been Released

With this release we further enhance the ease of MONyog customization. This includes:

* This release ships  with a bunch of useful Dashboard charts which can be enabled/disabled from the ‘manage dashboard charts’ in the Dashboard page. Users will not need to write any Javascript to enable those.
*  Dashboard charts can now be reordered. User will be able to place those most important for him on top.
*  Added an option to copy/duplicate advisors. This can be used as a template to make a new Monitor/Advisor.

See the new interface for Dashboard configuration interface here:

Further we added an option to alert on server configuration change and fixed a few minor bugs.


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