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SQLyog MySQL GUI 10.1 Released

Changes (as compared to 10.0) include:

* It is now optional whether DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs shall display in ‘upper pane’ (as in 10.0) or in ‘lower pane’ (as before 10.0). The setting is available in tools .. preferences .. general. Note that for DATA tab this applies to the ‘non-sticky’/non-persistent DATA tab. A ‘sticky’/persistent DATA tab will always display in ‘upper pane’.
* DATA, INFO and HISTORY tabs appearance will now be persistent across sessions when configured to display in upper pane. If visible when program was closed they will open when program starts next time – if hidden when program was closed they will not. When configured to display in lower pane they will always be visible.
* The checkbox to ‘select all’ as added in DATA and RESULT tab in 10.0 is now implemented all over the program, including SJA wizards.
* The …

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Celebrating 10 years with MySQL – releasing SQLyog 10.0 GA


We are delighted to announce the release of SQLyog 10.0. The version number makes this release very special. We must say the journey from SQLyog 1.0 to 10.0 was very exciting and rewarding. SQLyog was first released in 2002 as a MySQL GUI. Now we are a decade away from the first release. During the course of time, we have introduced tons of features taking SQLyog beyond the definition of a GUI. We couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and patronage. A big thank you for being with us in this endeavour.

Listed below are the features and enhancements introduced in this release:

  • Refreshing modern looks. We redesigned the user interface with a soothing color palette. We …
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SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.62 Released – Now with Korean UI

Changes (as compared to 9.61) include:

* A Korean translation is now included.

* The localization tools have been updated. The compiler for building localizations is now up to 100 times faster than before. Also the XML has now been properly versioned. Refer this blog on how to download the localization kit.


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SQLyog 9.61 Released – Now with Option for Chinese Interface

Changes (as compared to 9.6) include:

* A Chinese (Simplified) translation is now included.

Bug fixes:
* When there was an INFO tab open the server was unnecessarily queried for the content of the INFO tab (based on Object Browser selection) when closing the program. This could cause a slow shutdown.
* Fixed a crash occurring when pressing the ESC key in the CREATE/ALTER tab/dialog. This bug was introduced in 9.6.


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SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.6 Released

Changes (as compared to 9.51) include:

* When performing CREATE/ALTER TABLE operation from inside the Schema Designer now a dialog with a tabbed interface similar to the CREATE/ALTER TABLE tab will open.
* It is now optional if Query Builder will create statements with ‘fully qualified tablenames’ or not.
* Implemented Alt+Ins, Alt+Del, Alt+Up and Alt+Down for inserting, deleting, moving up/down the rows in CREATE|ALTER TABLE interface when the focus is on respective grids. The tooltip for the toolbar buttons will now show this shortcuts.

Bug fixes:
* In Data Sync a low setting of ’max_allowed_packet’ on source server could result in CONCAT_WS() used for checksums’ calculation returning NULL . We did not consider this and as a consequence rows could fail to sync without warning. We will now abort the job with an error message (if user …

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SQLyog Query Profiler re-invented.

Baron Schwartz from Percona has  just re-invented the SQLyog Query Profiler.

The SQLyog Query Profiler was introduced in SQLyog 8.o in February 2009 – exactly 3 years ago. The funny thing is actually that Baron Schwartz reviewed it before release (at friendly commercial terms) at the time. The SUM-aggregation and the ORDERING that we did (and it was solely our decision – not Baron’s advice) in SQLyog 8.0 to the result from SELECT FROM I_S.PROFILES is the same as Baron now announces as “something I developed”.

Well ..

1) First let me make it clear that I am not complaing.  I believe Baron when he tells that he does not remember details of the SQLyog Query Profiler …

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Creating tables now faster and easier with SQLyog 9.5


We are delighted to announce the release of SQLyog 9.5 GA. This release is geared towards enhancing the user experience.

The major changes are:

  • The conversion of modal dialogue boxes to a tabbed interface for creating and altering tables, and defining table properties.
    • Creating a table involves – defining columns, and often, creating indexes and foreign keys. Before, these actions had to be done one after the other, which was annoyingly slow. Now, you can define columns, and create indexes and foreign keys – all in a single interface, which gives you a single CREATE/ALTER TABLE query to execute. Not only is creating tables easier, it is also much faster!
    • Modal dialogue boxes limit one from multitasking. Previously, when in the middle of creating a foreign key, if some information had to be looked up from a different table (or even the …
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Debugging stored programs in MySQL?

The headline above has two parts: 1) some letters 2) a question mark. The question mark is the important thing here! It resolves to:

* Can we debug stored programs in MySQL?
* Do you debug stored programs in MySQL?
* How do you debug stored programs in MySQL?

We have tried, but we gave up! In the early stages of our IssueBurner application we actually used Stored Procedures quite a lot. As the complexity increased debugging became so tedious that we recoded the application ‘the traditional way’ coding the logic in the application code instead.

In simple cases you may of course add a little debugging code that writes some data to user variables, temporary tables etc. Next remove them or comment them when you want to turn debugging off. If you want to work more …

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How to localize SQLyog.

Please note: This Blog was updated with a few clarifications on October 21st 2011.

As we announced in the release Blog for SQLyog version 9.3 we here publish instructions and tools for localizing SQLyog.

To understand how localization works you should first open the SQLyog 9.3 installation folder on your system. Inside it there is a (SQLite) database file named “L10n.db”. It contains all strings in all localizations distributed by us (currently English and Japanese) displayed by SQLyog GUI. If you have selected to run SQLyog in a non-English language SQLyog will load the localized strings from this file and use them for display and not the English strings.  To enable more languages just copy an updated “L10n.db” file with support …

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SQLyog is now available in Japanese

“Publishing software in English will make you reach most of the global audience” is a myth. Users like software in their own language. For Non-English speaking audience localized software is a necessity. We heard it. SQLyog is now available in Japanese & will be made available in other international languages soon. We are using crowd-sourced human translation services from myGengo for translating SQLyog. I’d also like to add that our website is machine translated using Google Translate.

Embedded below are some related screenshots:

Option to change language

SQLyog in Japanese

If you want to do your own translation, we will soon provide instructions and tools …

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