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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 Released – Form View, improved SQL Formatter and more

We are pleased to announce this new major release of SQLyog MySQL GUI.

The major enhancements with this release are:

* Information in tabbed interface can be reordered.
Just like you will find it in all modern browsers, TABs can now be reordered using drag’n’drop in the GUI. The option is available for connection tabs as well as Query/Query Builder/Schema Designer tabs.

* Fast and convenient data entry from the keyboard.
We have added ‘FORM view’ option (in addition to ‘GRID view’ and ‘TEXT view’ already available) for managing data in DATA and RESULT tabs. ‘FORM view’ will display one row at a time and is in particular convenient when entering data from the keyboard.

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SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.6 GA – new features, improved performance and stability.

We are pleased to announce the release of SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.6 GA. This release adds functionalities requested by users for some time, and fixes a number of bugs. Most important enhancements:

User management has been updated with a brand-new interface, has been completely rewritten and also now fully communicates with the MySQL server the recommended way using GRANT and REVOKE syntax. We believe that with this release we have provided the best available ever GUI for MySQL User Management.

For users that prefer to work in a spreadsheet-like interface when filtering and sorting data the options to do this have been enhanced: There is now a ‘custom filter’ option to be used when filtering on a value that does not exist in the result set displayed – or even is not stored in the table at all. Additionally you may now define the substring to be filtered on in more flexible …

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SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.5 GA | Brand new Tabbed Interface!


We are pleased to announce the release of SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.5 GA. Below are some pointers:

  • As the title suggests this release comes with tabbed interface for different connections. We need not have to emphasize the usability of a tabbed interface vs. a windowed one. All web browsers have already demonstrated it to us. Now in SQLyog, you can switch between different connections in a snap! We didn’t forget to add keyboard shortcuts to jump from one tab to other. Most – if not all – shortcuts for tabs of a standard web browser would work with SQLyog. Multi-coloring of connection tabs & object browser pane adds to the ease of use. Chances of one executing queries in one server than the other by mistake would be rare as the brain would easily grasp the connection by it’s color. Demoed below is a typical setup of multi-colored tabs in a Web Developer’s PC:

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SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.4 GA | Redundant Index Finder, Compressed Scheduled Backups & much more..


SQLyog 8.4 happens to be a fairly major release with good number of features & enhancements. Listed below are some worth noting.

  • May it be Query Profiler or Datatype Optimizer, SQLyog has grown beyond the definition of a GUI with these features with intelligence. One such feature that is being unveiled with this release is an option to find redundant indexes. You can find the redundant indexes in a Table with just a click of a button. If found, a ready query is generated to drop the redundant indexes. As you know eliminating redundant indexes improves INSERTs & UPDATEs and also saves hard-disk space.
  • Scheduled Backups can be compressed.
  • If you are one of those users who deal with databases having thousands of objects (tables, columns etc.) this release will definitely add to your productivity as auto-complete has been drastically improved for such databases.
  • You can sort the …
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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.3 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 8.22) include:

* Added an option to define a ‘color code’ for a connection. The color will be used as background color in the Object Browser.
* A Query Builder session can now be saved and resumed.
* In Query Builder a table alias can be defined for any table by double-clicking the title bar of the table symbol.
* In RESULT tab results can now be retrieved page-wise. This is ON as default with this build with a defined LIMIT of 1000 rows. For a specific query user can change and for this specific query the setting is persistent across sessions. Also read ‘miscellaneous’ paragraph below.
* Added a context menu to Query Builder canvas.

Bug Fixes:
* Deleting a user would leave non-global privileges orphaned in the ‘mysql’ database. Now we use DELETE USER syntax if server supports.
* Also using …

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MariaDB 5.1.42 released!

Dear MariaDB users,

MariaDB 5.1.42, a new branch of the MySQL database which includes all major open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community patches, has been released. We are very proud to have made our first final release, and we encourage you to test it out and use it on your systems.

For an overview of what’s new in MariaDB 5.1.42, please check out the release notes.

For information on installing MariaDB 5.1.42 on new servers or upgrading to MariaDB 5.1.42 from previous releases, please check out the installation guide.

MariaDB is available in source and binary form for a variety of platforms and is available from the …

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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.21 Has Been Released

Changes (as compared to 8.2) include:

* Now SJA will also send mail alert if job aborted due to MySQL error. Before it was only internal SJA error.
* The local port used by SSH-tunneling will now be selected automatically. This will avoid conflicts in case multiple programs use SSH. Also with Data Sync from command-line/scheduler it was possible to use same port for both connections what would effectively sync a server with itself.
* Caption for ‘Parse’ button in Notification Services Wizard was changed to make it clear that it will actually execute the statement(s) entered. There is no way to let the server parse a statement except for executing it.
* Connection windows for SSH connections will now list SSH host details in the title bar.
* Tooltips for an icon will now list the keyboard shortcut performing same action.
* The option to display ‘all’ …

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Forkers, be careful please!

I had one of those situations today that I think every person working with IT experiences from time to time.  I had a problem that took 4 hours to resolve.  Once resolved I realized that doing the right things in the right order (and also memorizing a little better) could have saved me 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The problem was related to SQLyog HTTP-tunneling. When new PHP versions are released it is most often me that verifies that our HTTP tunneling is not broken.  Thus I have followed the PHP 5.3 release cycle from early betas to RC and GA and experienced that very early  PHP 5.3.0 beta  releases did not work with our HTTP-tunnel. However as both 5.3.0 RC and 5.3.0 GA worked fine (as every 5.2.x always did) I executed “SET panic = OFF” against my most important system (old but still a little functional!).

However the panic reoccurred when PHP 5.3.1 was released.  Nothing worked from PHP. I sat …

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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.2 introduces Data-type optimizer and licensing changes

SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.2 Has Been Released.

From SQLyog 8.2, we have introduced 3 editions of the commercial version of SQLyog. When we had first released SQLyog in 2003, it had a very few features. We have been aggressively adding new features for the last 6 years. Now SQLyog has got a huge number of tools and features.

Not all tools are useful to every SQLyog customer. In particular we had several requests for a cheaper ‘entry’ edition with the most popular features: HTTP-tunneling, SSH-tunnelling and autocomplete. This is now available as Professional edition.

SQLyog is no longer an “one-size-fits-all” application. SQLyog caters to a very diverse range to customers. Some use it as MS-Access type application for simple database needs while others might use it only to profile and tune queries for a large scale production environment. The Ultimate edition is for those users in particular that have full …

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SQLyog 8.15 Has Been released

Changes (as compared to 8.14) include:

* Added an option to execute SHOW WARNINGS automatically if the ‘warning-count’ is not 0. The output will appear in MESSAGES tab. Note: this is not implemented for HTTP-tunneling.
* Improved the memory handling in GRIDS with BLOB/TEXT columns. This fixes some slugginess when scrolling a GRID containing such data.

Bug Fixes:
* A dump containing VIEWs created on an early 5.0-server could fail to restore on recent servers. The underlying reason is a bug with the ‘default’ column in the output of SHOW FULL FIELDS on the early 5.0 servers. But we can avoid using this information and this is what we did now.
* Copy database/table from a 3.x or 4.0 server to a more recent server failed with column names containing special characters.
* If a sqlyog.ini files exists in installation folder it should …

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