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mysqlsla v1.6 released

mysqlsla v1.6 is ready. It has four new options to allow better isolation/filtering of queries: –only-databases, –only-users, –only-hosts, –only-ids. Each option limits the queries under analysis to their respective properties (i.e., “–only-users root” only analyzes queries executed by root). See the documentation for which options work with which kinds of logs.

Updated: Non-technical Guide to Isolating Slow MySQL Queries

It’s strange what articles on one’s site become “popular.” I wrote Non-technical Guide to Isolating Slow MySQL Queries some time ago when I was an internal system admin at a data center. I wasn’t “customer-facing” but I still got requests from customers who wanted me to look at their MySQL server. Since that wasn’t my primary responsibility, I had to enlist their help to save me time. Hence, I wrote this article to help not-technically-inclined customers through the first few steps.

My webstats have shown this page to be hit more often than I would have expected. Consequently, I felt that I should update it, so I did.

MySQL log analyzer - mysqlsla v1.5 finally done

mysqlsla (MySQL Statement Log Analyzer) v1.5 is finally done. Some people may recall a semi-release of v1.4 a few months ago, but that version wasn’t documented or otherwise mentioned at

Now, the real next release of mysqlsla is finished, and with documentation too! (However, I have removed the guide for now; it still needs to be completely rewritten). From the old v1.3 to the present, a lot has changed due to a lot of feedback, suggestions, problems, and bugs reported from users. Essentially, the script has been completely written, but here is a brief list of the changes:

  • COMPLETE redesign from v1.3: more simple to use and more informative
  • Log types are now mutually exclusive (but multiple logs of same type can still be …
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Tossing mysqlsla v1.4 Out There

Although I have not updated the website, documentation, or how to for mysqlsla, I am tossing mysqlsla v1.4 “out there” to view or wget at:

I don’t like to release new versions without having everything else updated too, but for various reasons I’m making an exception this time.

mysqlsla v1.4 is much better than v1.3 and a lot has changed. So much has changed that the entire script was essentially re-written. Without an updated doc or how to, I suggest starting with the –help command line op, then contact me if you have specific questions or issues. I will, eventually, update the website, doc, how to, and officially package this new version.

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