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Recursive idea

What if we made a storage engine that used MogileFS to store blobs/images?

NDB/Python 0.1

I’m happy to release version 0.1 of the NDB/Python bindings. They are very young and not very well documented yet, but email me if you are interested in them and especially if you are interested in helping out. I’ll get a Trac system up and going (or something) or maybe sourceforge or savannah or google code or you know, whatever.


primary keys

Brad Fitzpatrick has a nice discussion over what people should be using for their ‘id’ keys in a distributed environment. and puts a couple of points forward about why it isn’t such a good idea for his application/architecture. which has a ‘few’ central machines handing out ID’s.

The is a central problem with sequences that i’ve seen in most DB platforms. That and their 32-bit size. (I think mysql is 32-bit, i’m sure the geeks who read this will correct me)

The actual question has (If I am reading this correctly) is not about UUID’s vs local-sequences, but how do I move a ‘tree’ of records from one cluster to another, and not have a ID-clash. as if each cluster was independant, it wouldnt be a concern. you would have a central USER->cluster mapping algorithm/server which might be UUID or 64-bit based and then all future requests …

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