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MySQL Conference: Presentation At The Kickfire Booth

I had a chance to visit the Kickfire booth after the keynotes and before the first presentation. They gave me a kicking t-shirt, followed by a presentation on the newly announced Kickfire appliance (now in beta, shipping in Fall 2008). Here are some notes I jotted down:

  • von Neumann bottleneck
  • SQL chip (SQC), packs the power of 10s of conventional CPUs
  • Query parallelization on the chip
  • On-chip memory - 64GB. No registers - no von Neumann bottleneck
  • Beats the performance of a given 3 server, 32 CPU, 130TB box (1TB of actual data - space is used for distributing IO)
  • SQC uses column-store, compression, intelligent indexing
  • SQL Chip, PCI connection, plugs into a Linux server
    • SQL execution
    • Memory management
    • Loader acceleration
  • KDB (Kickfire storage engine), plugs into MySQL …
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