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New VIEW tables for Monolith 1.2 Reporting

Here are some view tables that are going to be in the new release of Monolith. They work with the current release though, so maybe they will be useful for DBAs that have utilized the CLI to get data out of Monolith. The new release will feature an updated Status page that shows the data from these view tables instead of the “last 25 backups”. Edit the DEFINER user as needed.

mysql> show tables;
| Tables_in_monolith |
| dbs |
| process_exec |
| process_status |
| pruning |
| system |
| users |
| view_daily_result_all |
| view_daily_result_code1 |
| view_daily_result_code2 |
| view_daily_result_code3 |
10 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> show create table view_daily_result_all\G

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Making Monolith scripts RH Cluster aware

If you have Monolith installed in a RedHat cluster environment and are wondering how to make the cron job scripts only execute on the active cluster node, this script is a working example. It needs to be installed and running on each cluster node. The only variable to change is “MYHOST” depending on which node the script is running on. This analyzes the output of /usr/sbin/clustat for active node status and service type.

Feel free to use this as a starting point for other RH cluster aware wrappers.

Here are the associated crontab entries for the monolith cluster aware wrappers.

# Monolith Monitor Wrapper Scripts
02 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1
*/15 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1
02 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/ > /dev/null 2>&1

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Monolith MySQL DBA Console - version 1.2a Released

Ok folks, just after testing out some new changes to this week’s release - I’ve uploaded a new version. Here are the following changes:

Changelog 1.2a
- changes line thickness to 1 for all graphs, 2 was too thick for running at 5 minute intervals for the poller
- added several scripts for running and logging monitor agent and report_generator
- changes talkback sripts to one script instead of 3

One backup script that does it all.

This integrates with Monolith, but the database update function can be stripped out for use without Monolith. The idea is that this script is a wrapper for mysqldump that does backup file consistency checking, email reporting, file based logging and directory pruning.

I used to have one script for daily, weekly, and monthly all running out of /etc/cron.daily /etc/cron.weekly /etc/cron.monthly - respectively. But maintaining 3 scripts is foolish if one can do everything. So I added some variables to check day of week and day of month to achieve this.

Enjoy the code. Script Link here.

Monolith MySQL DBA Console - version 1.2 Released

I’m pleased to announce that after almost one year since the last release, the new version is available. There are many new features this time around. Originally it was titled Monolith MySQL Backup Manager, but because of the new features it has been changed to the new name. You can download here:



  1. Graphing / Trending with variable date reporting
    • Query rate + Data growth
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News from the front lines - Monolith Talkback

I’ve been giving presentations at work each week about MySQL DBA topics. An hour of speaking about the things one does on a daily basis is rather fun, and hopefully spreads the work about how efficient MySQL is to administer and setup, as well as optimize and troubleshoot vs MSSQL and Oracle - for which we also have weekly classes.

Recently I’ve been covering backup and recovery methods, which brings me to my next point - the talkback scripts I have been integrating into my Monolith application. These scripts are wrappers for mysqldump that do extensive error checking for file completion, directory pruning to rotate out old backups per the backup retention period policy, and then report back via email and to a separate database for tracking purposes.

Here is the create table for the reporting aspect. Note: this is part of the Monolith 1.2 release which is still in beta. Stay tuned for the release that includes this, as well as …

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