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MySQL recovery utility for any instance of corruption

In order to start your MySQL server, you used to type the whole path like: "C:\mysql\bin\mysql123" in your DOS prompt. However, sometimes, the MySQL server fails to start with this usual command and the reason may be any possible case of database corruption or damage. In such a case, you cannot be able to access your database and need any MySQL repair utility to repair the troubled MySQL database and recover the data thereof.
In case of any corruption, you may encounter an error message at the start of the MySQL server, which may be as below:

"Default storage engine is not available"

Moreover, in order to resolve the error, if you reinstall the MySQL server without removing the data directory, the server starts normally. However, to your utter dismay, while accessing the any database table, you may encounter another error message on the screen as below:

"ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'Tablename' doesn't …

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Advanced Utility to Repair and Restore Corrupt MySQL Table

MySQL database has many commands to systematically maintain its data. All of these commands have different syntax. Out of the several commands, MySQL database has two most common commands that are Optimize and Flush. The Optimize command of MySQL database is used for the defragmenting the database files and use the free space. The Flush command of MySQL database reloads and clears all the internal patches used by database. You can use Flush statement with RELOAD privilege. The above mentioned two commands have different functionalities and features. Using MySQL commands one after the another, your MySQL database table can get corrupted. In such scenarios, your data saved in the table will be inaccessible. For accessibility of table data, you should use an advanced MySQL repair software to fix the problem.

Consider a practical scenario wherein, you run the Optimize command and consequently run the Flush command, after doing this you may …

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Recover Crashed Tables in MySQL Database

MySQL is a popular database management system, a most widely used for web databases, offers efficient techniques to ensure absolute integrity of the database. When you start MySQLD (MySQL Server), it automatically examines all the database tables for integrity. MySQL Server also fixes the tables if they are marked as ´not closed properly´ or ´crashed´. It backs up all the corrupted database tables and makes their entries in the error log. Though, it works in a number of cases, but cannot necessarily fix all the corruption issues and fails to recover MySQL database.

The MySQLD technique cannot repair MySQL database if it is severely damaged. As a practical scenario, where MySQL Server cannot handle the table corruption, you may encounter the below error message-

"Got an error from thread_id=1, mi_dynrec.c:368"

The above error message occurs when you start the MySQL server for accessing the database …

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How to repair MyISAM tables in MySQL 5.0

MyISAM is the default storage engine in MySQL server. It consists of three types of files: .myi, .frm, and .myd. Of these three, the MYI file is the index file that stores a counter in its header. This header is used to signify whether a particular table was closed properly or not. Sometimes, while using the myisamchk command if you get an error message that means the table has corrupted. Such problems can occur due to various reasons such as power outages, abrupt system shutdown, mysqld process getting killed in between a write operation, etc. You should use in-built workarounds to repair the table. If you are not able to do this, then you should use a third-party MySQL repair software to recover MySQL database.

Consider a scenario wherein you have installed MySQL 5.0 in your system. One day, when you try to run the myisamcheck command to check a database table, it …

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Repair your Corrupted MySQL Database

Yesterday one of our computer’s user partition filled up automatically that caused database corruption in the mysql database. After freeing the space from the partition, we ran some commands to repair and recover mysql database. Here is the list what we did yesterday: into your directory where your database files are stored. In my case it was in the /usr…/data/mysql/ folder.

2.Then We run this command:
myisamchk *.MYI | grep -3 –color corrupted

3.After running above command this should give you some output on the current state of your database files & indicate which file is corrupted and need to repair. This also gives you the next command to run on the line that is:
Fix it using switch “-r” or “-o”

4.So that is we did
myisamchk -r file.MYI

5.Your database should be repaired

Recovering MySQL Corruption in Bugzilla Database

Bugzilla is a web-based bug tracking and testing application that is used by many software development companies. It extensively various databases including MySQL for its backend support especially because both of these applications are freely available. Although this tool runs pretty fine in most cases, it can get stalled when the some of the MySQL tables get corrupt. In such cases, you are unable to perform various tasks on the database. You can use the 'myisamchk' command with different parameters to repair MySQL database. If it does not work, then you should use a professional MySQL recovery software to recover MySQL database.

Discussing a similar situation in Bugzilla, consider you get the following error message while generating a bugs report:

"undef error - DBD::mysql::db selectrow_array failed: Table 'attach_data' is
marked as crashed …

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Repairing MySQL table to ensure proper functioning of MythTV

MythTV is a home entertainment application, which is freely available as a open source solution for live streaming programs, and converts into a computer with the necessary supporting hardware components. This application is able to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Macintosh, FreeBSD, etc and primarily uses MySQL database as the backend to store the recordings. Having started in 2002, this application has undergone several developments and now is a competent combination of a TV and a computer. Having said that, at times you may face some issues while operating on the MythTV. Sometimes these issues may be because of corrupt database that can appear because of several reasons including virus infections, abrupt or unplanned system shutdowns, etc. You should try to fix such issues by using in-built MySQL methods failing which the use of a third-party MySQL repair software to repair MySQL database is a must.

Let us consider …

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