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Getting started with Cluster/J - inserts

Cluster/J is a the Java direct API to MySQL Cluster which means it bypasses the MySQL Server and executes requests directly on the data nodes of MySQL Cluster. This gives very good performance (typically >2x faster than SQL) and low latency.

In this blog I will present how to get started and how to do simple lookups.

The complete source code (actually a bit extended to show batching) for this example can be found at Severalnines (here). The code you will see below is just snippets.


To start with you need MySQL Cluster up and running.
For development on localhost then you can get a sandbox from Severalnines.
If you want to have a test/production environment you …

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Setting up Multi-master and read slaves using Severalnines

Read the detailed replication tutorial instead.

This tutorial shows how you can use the Severalnines Configurator for MySQL Replication to deploy a Multi-master replication setup, and install ClusterControl.

When the deployment is finished you have a set of tools to manage and monitor replication, as well as to add new slaves, and to perform failover.
You can choose:

  • if you wish also setup bi-directional replication between the masters
  • the number of …
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Severalnines launch customer focused website

I am glad to announce our brand new website today (

The goal of the company is to make it easy for database developers to build their clustered database platforms, either on-premise or in the cloud.

We invite you to explore the new resources on the website (white papers, videos, new configurator for MySQL Replication, new cluster configurator with cloud options, etc.).

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