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Percona Replication Manager – Renaming Cluster Hostnames
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Recently I’ve had to rename a node on a production cluster – however, I did not have an experience on this yet so I decided to try on a sandbox and establish a known procedure. Without further ado, assuming we have 3 nodes and we want to rename ha3′s hostname to ha03.

[root@ha01 ~]# crm status
Last updated: Wed Jun  4 21:55:01 2014
Last change: Wed Jun  4 21:53:35 2014 via crm_attribute on ha01.localdomain
Stack: classic openais (with plugin)
Current DC: ha01.localdomain - partition with quorum
Version: 1.1.10-14.el6_5.2-368c726
3 Nodes configured, 3 expected votes
6 Resources configured

Online: [ ha01.localdomain ha02.localdomain ha3.localdomain ]

 Master/Slave Set: ms_MySQL [p_mysql]
     Masters: [ ha01.localdomain ]
     Slaves: [ ha02.localdomain ha3.localdomain ]
 Clone Set: ping_gw_clone [ping_gw]
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How to add VIPs to Percona XtraDB Cluster or MHA with Pacemaker
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It is a rather frequent problem to have to manage Virtual IP addresses (VIPs) with a Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) or with MySQL master HA (MHA). In order to help solving these problems, I wrote a Pacemaker agent, mysql_monitor that is a simplified version of the mysql_prm agent. The mysql_monitor agent only monitors MySQL and set attributes according to the state of MySQL, the read-only variable, the slave status and/or the output of the clustercheck script for PXC. The agent can operate in 3 modes or cluster types: replication (default), pxc and read-only.

The simplest mode is read-only, only the state of the read_only variable is looked at. If the node has the read_only variable set to OFF, then the writer is set to 1 and reader attributes

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Choosing a MySQL HA Solution – MySQL Webinar: June 5
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Selecting the most appropriate solution for a MySQL HA infrastructure is as much a business and philosophical decision as it is a technical one, but often the choice is made without adequately considering all three perspectives.  When too much attention is paid to one of these aspects at the cost of the others, the resulting system may be over-engineered, poorly-performing, and/or various other flavors of suboptimal.

On Wednesday, June 5, at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC), I will be presenting a webinar entitled, Choosing a MySQL HA Solution, in

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Pacemaker Failed Actions ‘not installed’ And ‘not configured’
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Playing around with Percona Replication Manager, and being new to Pacemaker, some errors were somewhat cryptic.

May 26 09:53:39 [2181] ha01.localdomain    pengine:   notice: unpack_rsc_op:    Preventing p_mysql from re-starting on ha02.localdomain: operation monitor failed 'not installed' (rc=5)
May 26 09:53:39 [2181] ha01.localdomain    pengine:   notice: unpack_rsc_op:    Preventing op from re-starting on ha02.localdomain: operation monitor failed 'not installed' (rc=5)

First, it says here that I have ‘operation monitor failed’ on node ha02.localdomain. This error simply means ‘I cannot run the operation monitor because it is not installed’. Where does this operation supposed to come from, from the resource agent. Turns out, I did not have the mysql resource agent in place under

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Pacemaker and the recent GitHub service interruption
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It never fails. Someone manages to break their Pacemaker cluster, and Henrik starts preaching his usual sermon of why Pacemaker is terrible and why you should never-ever use it. And when that someone is GitHub, which we all know, use and love, then that sermon gets a bit of excess attention. Let's take a quick look at the facts.

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High Availability in OpenStack
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A few thoughts on high availability features (or the current absence thereof) in OpenStack.

I've just proposed a session for the OpenStack Folsom design summit which Jay Pipes was nice enough to invite me to (thanks!), and I thought I'd write up a few thoughts of mine ahead of time to get the discussion started.

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Now available: Slides from Percona Live and Linuxcon Europe
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The slides from last week’s talks I (co-)presented at Percona Live and Linuxcon Europe are now available from our web site.

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Busy weeks ahead!
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I’m speaking at Percona Live, LinuxCon Europe, and And I just co-founded a new company.

I have a few busy weeks behind me, and even busier weeks ahead. If you’ve been wondering why recently I haven’t been updating this space too frequently, here’s why:

Yours truly and fellow ex-Linbiters Martin Loschwitz and Andreas Kurz have recently founded hastexo, an independent professional services organization focused on open-source high availability and disaster recovery. We are already offering both on-site and remote

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New documentation just in time for OSCON!
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With OSCON in Portland under way (where LINBIT has a presence, of course), we are making three new documents available in the popular Tech Guides section of our web site.

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Cluster Stack update for Debian
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Last week, the Linux-HA project made its Heartbeat 3.0.4 and Cluster Glue 1.0.7 release, and Pacemaker released 1.0.10 a few weeks back. Thanks to the amazing Simon Horman (horms to IRC regulars), those releases have been uploaded to Debian unstable (sid) yesterday.

What’s sid?

sid is the permanent code name of the Debian unstable distribution. It’s where package maintainers upload fresh builds and maintain the latest versions of distribution packages. It’s not meant for general

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