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No I did NOT post the following comment

This is ridiculous. You didn't test MySQL, you tested a failing DNS lookup on authentication.

resulting in the follow up post :

My previous post Redis, Memcache, Tokyp Tyrant, MySQL comparison had a flaw as pointed out by this comment. The MySQL was taking a huge time for doing a reverse DNS lookup.

But as always ... Everything is just a Freaking dns problem :)

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Got Interviewed
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by @botchagalupe
on Virtualization, Open Source tools and DNS Problems

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Everything is a funky Twitter problem ..
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When your favourite ex yahoo employee and mysql guru blogs about a "dns problem" and how he solved it using Twitter you can only smile ;) At last some useful use for Twitter .. when it's up at least ..

DNS Problems and MySQL
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The MySQL Performance Blog also figured it out .. Everything is a frigging dns problem :)

Baron gives a quick hint on how to test if you can safely enable skip_name_resolve or how to figure out which users to update to an IP address rather than a DNS name.

On of the many ... :)

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