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InnoDB Revision History
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This is a brief overview of the history of InnoDB with respect to the Version Control Systems (VCS) that were used for developing. It could be useful to people who want to trace back in time to find the origins of bugs or features.

Early days
InnoDB was born in the mid 1990s when Heikki Tuuri started developing this masterpiece. Heikki was a lone developer at that time and he did not use any VCS. There is no InnoDB revision history before 2001.

2001 – 2005
Then in 2001 InnoDB was imported into MySQL’s BitKeeper repository and development continued, recording the history there.

2005 …

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Kontrollbase 2.0.1-rev47 is available for download
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We’re please to announce that the latest version of Kontrollbase is available. The most important part of this release is that the IE7 bugs have been fixed. There are a several other good changes too, which you can see in the change log. As per usual you can grab the download from our download page.

A cool idea - Revision engine
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Yesterday I saw an announcement in the MySQL internals@ list, about a new storage engine being released. DDengine has created a revision engine, a sort of embedded proxy inside MySQL that keeps track of the changes you do to your data.
The idea is clever. You write to your table, update and delete without any concern, and the revision engine stores your changes in the background.
I wanted to tried the engine on my laptop (Mac OSX), but there was no binary available for this architecture. I contacted the authors and I received prompt …

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