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Sun Tech Days Hyderabad
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I had the pleasure of addressing a crowd of over 1,000+ people yesterday, at the Sun Tech Days event in Hyderabad. I think this might as well be the biggest number of attendees at a talk that I’ve given. I spoke on MySQL: The Database for Web 2.0, and the notes for this talk are largely indexed at MySQL for Developers. Its more or less the standard deck for the Tech Days events these days.

The best part? The questions. I had intelligent questions, and they lasted well over twenty minutes, and there was even more chatter afterwards. Twenty minutes might not seem like a lot, but this is Asia, and in some audiences, you’d be hard pressed to get even a single question! MySQL is

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Sun Tech Days Hyderabad 2008 - Day 2
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The highlight of Day 2 of Sun Tech Days Hyderabad for me was the keynote session by David Axmark - MySQL ( co-founder. In his presentation, he explained how Storage Engine Innovation (Falcon, InnoDB, PBXT & others), "Free" Time Innovation (MySQL proxy, Language Connector), Buying Innovation (MySQL Cluster ( from Ericsson), Business Innovation (open source in 1996, work with  [Read more...]
MySQL DBA Job Openings at Pythian in Ottawa, Boston, and Hyderabad
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Hello everyone, We have several MySQL DBA openings, one in each of our offices in Ottawa, Boston, or Hyderabad, India. (Our Sydney office is doin’ fine.) Working at Pythian is different than working in-house or as a consultant, because you’ll be making your contributions available to each of the customers assigned to your team, allowing you to [...]
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