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YAPCEU 2010 – Day Two…
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After enjoying the excellent hospitality of our host here in Pisa (6 courses) we were ready for our second day at YAPCEU 2010 here in sunny Pisa.

Larry’s new catch phrase “My Language is a four letter word” was the ‘Buzz word’ for today. We settled down to some very interesting talks, the highlight for me being Tim Bunce’s talk on using Devel::NYTProf to Optimize your code. Tim first gave us a quick and dirty overview of optimization which covered the basics of where to start and what to look for he followed up with real examples of Optimizer output and than wrapped up with a few before and after results on an optimization effort.

The rest of the day was dedicated in my opinion, to the future of DBs in with Nelson Ferraz giving an excellent presentation of his concepts for using Perl as to glue for a Data Warehouse application. Next on my agenda,

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A Pythian Fork
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Today marks my last day at Pythian. I have been at Pythian for almost three years. In those three years, Pythian’s already thriving MySQL practice has grown even more. I have worked with big and small clients alike, across many industries, managed a team of up to 4 DBAs, and learned a lot not just about MySQL, but what my goals are in general.

Though I am leaving, everything I said in the blog post I made when I announced I was coming to Pythian still holds true. Pythian is a challenging environment and one I would recommend to anyone who finds their current DBA environment boring that they should come to Pythian and experience what it is like to work here. I had lunch with Paul Vallee yesterday and we even discussed possible future collaborations (hence the title, a joke that I am

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The Doom of XtraDB and Percona Server?
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In The Doom of Multiple Storage Engines, Peter talks about how the storage engine concept of MySQL is usually spoken of in positive terms, but there are many negatives.

I have a hard time trying to figure out the deeper meaning behind Peter’s post, given that Percona writes a storage engine for MySQL, XtraDB. Does this mean that Percona will stop developing XtraDB? Does this mean that the Percona Server will diverge farther and farther away from MySQL so that they’re not compatible any more and migrating from MySQL to Percona Server is very difficult?

Or maybe it’s just that Peter is saying one thing and doing the opposite; which just seems wrong because that would be blatant hypocrisy on Percona’s part.

(This idea was a comment on

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My thoughts on Ada Lovelace Day, A candid conversation with Sheeri Cabral
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I had an interesting conversation with Sheeri yesterday. She had pointed out that today was Ada Lovelace Day, a day devoted to highlight and thank the many women in the Information Technology industry for their contributions. She suggested that if I wanted to blog about it she would find that appropriate, given what we’ve achieved here at Pythian.

First, I consider that a huge compliment. And then, a distant second, I told Sheeri – no I don’t think I’ll blog about it, that’s not my thing.

This is the IM conversation that came out of that email exchange when Sheeri and I connected about an hour later. You may or may not find it interesting, but ultimately I thought it was interesting enough to share.

tl;dr: Happy Ada Lovelace Day.

expanded version:


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Free 10-day trial of Safari Books Online
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That’s right — get your free 10-day trial! All the information I know is here:


But the basics are: No access to Rough Cuts or Downloads, for new subscribers only. It’s one of those “sign up and if you do not cancel after 10 days, we bill you” — and at $42.99 a month, that’s not a mistake you want to make. Must sign up by Nov. 24th.

To sign up now: https://ssl.safaribooksonline.com/tryitfree

I was asked to send this information along, so I am…Now’s your chance to skim High Performance MySQL, among other high quality books!

Logs Go Un-Buffered Worldwide
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I regret to say, there is no Log Buffer this week, as we’ve all been busy preparing for the Big New Thing coming in a few days. The good news is, we have a Big New Thing coming in a few days. Stay tuned for that, you won’t want to miss it.

LB will be back in a week, with Gerry Narvaja at the helm. In the meantime, I invite you to leave a comment with your favourite DB blogs from this week — MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Postgres, Ingres, or other relational/NoSQL databases.

Log Buffer #160: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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Welcome to the 160th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.


Blame it on MyISAM, says Mark Callaghan of High Availability MySQL, on considering sql_mode and type coercion. “I think that MyISAM has its place,” writes Mark. “It does fast table scans, but InnoDB is much faster on just about everything else. I am just not thrilled with the impact it has had on MySQL.”

Not that those other engines are without flaw. Peter Zaitsev reports on an InnoDB performance gotcha with larger

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Log Buffer #149: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This is the 149th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.


Let’s begin with the big-picture stuff. Jeremy Zawodny laid out his view of the state of MySQL in Linux Magazine’s blog, noting the rough transition between versions 5.0 and 5.1, the status of storage engines, and outside contributions.

Like Baron Schwartz’s Maatkit, for example. Baron announced this week that he is writing a book about Maatkit, and also

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Steal This Blog Post
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I have been talking more and more with colleagues about the Open Source community and licenses. Zak Greant recently wrote in Free Culture vs. Fear Culture vs. Fee Culture that, “People with bad intentions will do bad things . . . often regardless of the license on the work.”

And, unfortunately, he is right. If I release an article or presentation video with a Creative Commons license, it is still possible for my work to be plagiarized, and if it is, I will still feel violated.

Many of us who use Creative Commons or MySQL have an Open Source mentality. We often do not see value in pirating software—why would we use Microsoft Word (a legally licensed copy, or pirated) if we can

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Issues Booking the MySQL 2009 Conference Hotel
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So, a colleague ran into issues booking the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency Hotel—apparently there were no rooms with 2 double beds left for the MySQL 2009 Conference and Expo.

I could not imagine that the conference hotel would sell out so quickly!

The conference’s travel/hotel web page links directly to the online reservations page at http://santaclara.hyatt.com/groupbooking/clara2009orea.

I went there and did a little detective work. What I found was:

  • When I chose Mon Apr 20 - Thu Apr 23, there were rooms with 2 double beds available.
  • When I chose Sun Apr 19 - Thu Apr 23, there were rooms with 2 double beds available.
  • When I chose Sat Apr 18 - Thu Apr

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MySQL Unconference is MySQL Camp….
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Yesterday I announced the MySQL Unconference. Some folks have asked about the MySQL Camp that both Giuseppe and I previously announced.

They are one and the same. In order to minimize confusion, I’ll change things to say “MySQL Camp” instead of “Unconference”. Apologies to those who were confused!

Gerry: A Year in Retrospect
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This post is more of a personal note than most on the Pythian blog, but over the holidays, I couldn’t help thinking about my turbulent last year.

First, MySQL

In 2008, I worked at three different companies. It was about a year ago (January 15th will be a year) I was at MySQL AB’s first company-wide meeting in a few years with more than 400 of my colleagues, when all of a sudden we get the announcement: “Sun acquired MySQL for 1 billion dollars”. Many thought it was a joke, just in time to watch Jonathan Schwartz come up live on video to greet us. Talk about an intense way of starting a year! For some reason, nobody thought that toasting with a shot of vodka before 9:00am was the oddest thing to happen that morning.

Working for MySQL was, most likely, the wildest ride I will ever have. True Open Source spirit (no matter what the rest of the

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MySQL 5.1 GA Release
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The MySQL 5.1 GA Release will be on or about Dec. 6th, 2008.

How do I know?

Happy Birthday to Wonderful Community Organizers!
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Happy birthday to Giuseppe Maxia, a wonderful community organizer for MySQL.

And happy birthday to Leslie Hawthorn, Google’s geek herder.

Thank you for making life better for open source volunteers like me!

And We’re Back!
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Sorry for the outage, everyone. We’re looking into the causes of the downtime (and sponging the sweat off our keyboards), but for now we’re happy just to be back. Stay tuned for a real blog article soon.

Sheeri’s Sordid Past
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I confess — I have not always been an exclusive MySQL user. I have fooled around with other DBMSs. I was young, inexperienced, and I needed the money, I swear!

This comes about because I was doing some electronic de-crufting….From a file last modified on 10:50 am on 2005-06-30:

> more addcatalog.sh

 db2 catalog tcpip node $1 remote $2 server 50000
 db2 terminate
 db2 catalog database sample as $2 at node $1
 db2 terminate

# [db2inst1@midgard db2inst1]$ db2sql92 -a db2inst3/password -d coworkername

And from the same time-frame there’s also:


Billy Joel and Databases
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So, we have all heard that Billy Joel played a concert at Oracle’s OpenWorld in 2007.

What follows is an actual IRC conversation among Don Seiler, Dave Edwards, and myself:

(4:02:46 PM) don: ha @ Billy Joel at OOW
(4:03:38 PM) dave: “We didn’t fire the startup…”
(4:07:53 PM) don: “we didn’t start the backup”?
(4:12:53 PM) dave: “Don’t go changin’ . . . your slave and master”
(4:20:19 PM) ***sheeri shoots Dave
(4:20:49 PM) sheeri: “I don’t want clever replication, we never could have come this far”
(4:24:05 PM) sheeri: “And the server sounds like an aero-plane, and replication chugs along as it must…and the inserts go on, replication corrupts, and

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Seeking Information on Indexed Filesystems
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Tonight I am catching up on older e-mails — here’s another question that came to me about 2 weeks ago from a user group member that I never had time to research and answer. I have directed the original author to this post so questions you pose in the comments can be answered.

Do you know anything about indexed file systems? I’m looking for a ‘nearline’ storage solution to help with data archiving.

We have a system which at it’s peak will be accepting 15 million short records / day. In order to keep the Web front end moving nicely, we want to drop data after about 3 weeks and shift it into a higher latency, higher capacity storage system. Indexed file systems seemed like a perfect solution for this. Ideally it would have a good front end to allow execution of arbitrary queries in some language (SQL would be

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Multiple Connections Bringing MySQL to a Halt
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Hi all,

I was asked this question in an e-mail — feel free to ask your questions in the comments, as I will point the original author to this post to answer those questions. There is not a lot of data here, so instead of me asking questions in an e-mail I figured I would open it up to the (MySQL) world. Without further ado, here’s the question:

Basically when we open more than one connection- we’re opening 5, and we do processing in mysql (innodb tables) the server cpu and memory max out and the processing grinds to a halt. One connection at a time is able to run well- even with lots of data. But once we try to process data under 5 concurrent connections, mysql gets bogged down to the point where it’s barely usable.

I’ve researched this and found a number of opinions, including whether this is just poor

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Working at Pythian: 3 Months In
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Well, in the “notes from the front line” part of this post…. I have been a MySQL DBA at The Pythian Group for three months (and 2 days) now. At most companies that is the probationary period, and I am still here, so that is a good sign….. So, after three months, how do I like [...]
MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour
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In summary: Who: you, me, MySQL/Sun What: MySQL User Group with free swag, food, and a short workshop to boot. When: 7-9 pm, Monday March 10th Where: MIT Building E-51, room 372 Why: why the heck not! Because Sun just bought MySQL, and because there’s a user group each month. How: RSVP optional but requested [...]
Why Postgres is Superior to MySQL
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http://pgfoundry.org/projects/pllolcode/ Do I really need to say more?
I’ve been blog tagged - you might be next.
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I was blog-tagged by Doug Burns - his post is here: I *hate* chain letters …. I hate them too, I literally never pass them on no matter what vile fate that condemns me to (so far nothing has happened so maybe those are idle threats). But this one includes a chance to talk about myself [...]
MySQL DBA Job Openings at Pythian in Ottawa, Boston, and Hyderabad
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Hello everyone, We have several MySQL DBA openings, one in each of our offices in Ottawa, Boston, or Hyderabad, India. (Our Sydney office is doin’ fine.) Working at Pythian is different than working in-house or as a consultant, because you’ll be making your contributions available to each of the customers assigned to your team, allowing you to [...]
Oracle is Not Compatible with Oracle
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Just a short blog entry about a funny error message I’ve got while trying to activate a physical standby database: SQL> alter database recover managed standby database finish skip standby logfile; alter database recover managed standby database finish skip standby logfile * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors ORA-01110: data file 1: '/oradata/stage/datafile/system_01.dbf' ORA-01122: database file 1 [...]
Working as an Onsite DBA Together with Pythian
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I was reading a couple of items on gapingvoid

  • the hughtrain
  • the porous membrane: why corporate blogging works

which inspired me to use our blog for a conversation with our customers (and with potential Pythian DBAs) about what it’s like to work with Pythian.

What exactly does an on-site DBA get from working with Pythian Remote DBAs?

  • Sleep.
  • Support: phone, IM or email some who either knows how to help or knows someone who knows how to help.
  • Teammates: You can delegate tasks which are either too hard or too easy onto Pythian.
  • Accountability. Every minute, every hour is documented for all to see, internally and by individual clients.
  • Understanding: Someone who knows what being a DBA is like.
  • You are on-site. Picture the Pythian on-call

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