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Hard Drive Reliability
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Cloud service provider Backblaze has updated its earlier study of hard drive failure rates (Nov 2013) in its own infrastructure – from 27,000 to more than 34,000 drives, and the new report (Sep 2014) is quite informative. Hitachi comes out pretty high, Western Digital has produced some good drives, but Seagate tends to come out worst. Each brand does have good and not-so-good models so there’s no single right answer, and for any new model you’ll always be dealing with an …

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Multi-source Replication and Multi-threaded Applier Enhancements Preview
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There are a lot of nice goodies in MySQL 5.7.5 already, but there are also some additional features that we are working on and would like to share  with you right now as well. For that we have done a couple of labs releases. In this post we will be referring to the labs release that contains enhanced multi-threaded slave applier and a refreshed version of multi-source replication.

We put these previews out there, among other things,  to get early feedback from you. This makes you …

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The Latest and Greatest MySQL Replication Features in MySQL 5.7.5
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The latest and greatest MySQL 5.7 development milestone release (DMR) is out (changelog). It is great to see such a strong and steady cadence of development releases.  The latest one, 5.7.5, is packed with awesome features. Let me highlight a few ones related to replication.

Storing Global Transaction Identifiers History in a system table.

MySQL 5.7.5 introduces a new replication system table that is used by the server to save global transaction identifiers (GTIDs) execution history. This means …

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MySQL Security: Encrypting within MySQL. The new Enterprise Encryption plugin.
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Keeping things safe and within MySQL now:

Will be speaking at Perconal Live London 2014
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10 common replication problems
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Below are 10 common replication problems :

1)Session binlog :

Setting sql_log_bin = 0 will disable binary logging for the session. So any DML/DDL query executed within that session on the master will not be replicated to slave


Turn off binary logging on master :

mysql> set sql_log_bin = 0 ;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Create table in reptest database ( on master )

mysql> create table reptest(ID int) ;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.01 sec)

mysql> show tables ;
| Tables_in_reptest |
| reptest           |
1 …
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Using information_schema tables – Part 1
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Below are some of the common scenarios where information_schema is useful :

Tables table

How to check the database size using information_schema ?

SELECT table_schema "Data Base Name", SUM( data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024 
"Data Base Size in MB" FROM information_schema.TABLES GROUP BY table_schema ;

How to list the tables created before 4 days ?

 select * from information_schema.tables where CREATE_TIME < NOW() - INTERVAL 4 DAY ;

Columns table :

List all the tables that have a column called birth_date

select table_name from …
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Tracing down a problem, finding sloppy code
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Daniel was tracking down what appeared to be a networking problem….

  • server reported 113 (No route to host)
  • However, an strace did not reveal the networking stack ever returning that.
  • On the other side, IP packets were actually received.
  • When confronted with mysteries like this, I get suspicious – mainly of (fellow) programmers.
  • I suggested a grep through the source code, which revealed  return -EHOSTUNREACH;
  • Mystery solved, which allowed us to find what was actually going on.

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MySQL process list – Customized connection counts
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You got a production support call related to connection usage. Max_connections is set to 400 and  connection usage has reached the maximum limit.

Below are some of the customized reports that can be used to trace the problem

Count by host :

mysql> select count(*),host from information_schema.processlist group by HOST;
| count(*) | host |
| 1 | localhost |
1 row in set (0.03 sec)

Count by database:

mysql> select count(*),host from information_schema.processlist group by DB; …
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MySQL Workbench 6.2.1 BETA has been released
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Dear MySQL Users,

The MySQL Workbench team is announcing availability of the first beta
release of its upcoming major product update, MySQL Workbench 6.2.

MySQL Workbench 6.2 focuses on support for innovations released in MySQL
5.6 and MySQL 5.7 DMR (Development Release) as well as MySQL Fabric 1.5,
with features such as:

* A new spatial data viewer, allowing graphical views of result sets
containing GEOMETRY data and taking advantage of the new GIS
capabilities in MySQL 5.7.
* Support for new MySQL 5.7.4 SQL syntax and configuration options.
* Metadata Locks View shows …

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