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Consul Architecture

In this blog post, I’ll provide my thoughts about Consul for ProxySQL service discovery and automation.

I approached Consul recently while looking for a service discovery and configuration automation solution for ProxySQL. My colleague Nik Vyzas wrote a great post on this topic, and I suggest you read it. I wrote this article to share my first impressions of Consul (for whomever it might interest).

Consul is a complete service discovery solution. In this respect it differs from its alternative etcd, which only provides a foundation to build such solutions.

Consul consists of a single, small binary (the Linux binary is 24MB). You just download it, edit the configuration file and start the program. It doesn’t …

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MySQL 8.0 Data Dictionary: Background and Motivation

Just as you use a database like MySQL to store your application data, MySQL must also store its meta data (schema names, table definitions etc) somewhere. Traditionally this meta data storage has been split between many different locations (.FRM, .PAR, .OPT, .TRN and .TRG files).…

Slides for Oracle OpenWorld and Percona Live Amsterdam, 2016

I’ve uploaded the slides from my latest talks at OpenWorld and Percona Live, available below. These are mostly an updated version of previous talks, with some new info added here and there..

MySQL sys schema deep dive (Oracle OpenWorld 2016)

Performance schema and sys schema (Percona Live Amsterdam 2016)

Percona Live Amsterdam 2016 – my slides

The slides of my joint tutorial with Kenny Gryp from Percona on MySQL InnoDB Cluster and Group Replication are now online.

We got nice questions during the session and very good feedback.

MySQL Group Replicatio in a nutshell – MySQL InnoDB Cluster from Frédéric Descamps

Log Buffer #490: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Log Buffer Edition makes the rounds of the blogosphere again this week and brings you some nifty blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.


Key Capabilities for Big Data Analytics using R

Remove the screen reader link from your APEX Footer without breaking the UT Subscription

Oracle JET and ADF BC REST Security Integration Approach

EBS 12.2.6 Images Now Available in Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Reading …

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MySQL Datamasking using ProxySQL – part 2

First of all I want to say thanks to Thomas that sent me feedback on part1 (see his comment). And indeed all three cases were able to defeat the datamasking.

I rewrote then the rules to also take those cases in consideration:

ProxySQL> DELETE FROM mysql_query_rules where rule_id  INSERT INTO mysql_query_rules 
          VALUES (1,1,'devel','`cc_num`',"cc_num",0);
ProxySQL> INSERT INTO mysql_query_rules 
           VALUES (2,1,'devel','^[sS][eE][lL][eE][cC][tT] (.*)cc_num([ ,\n])(.*)',
           "SELECT \1CONCAT(LEFT(cc_num,2),REPEAT('X',10)) cc_num\2\3",1);

However the current recursive implementation of ProxySQL (using flagIN & flagOUT) is not an option to face the case where a …

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MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4 has been released

The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4 m3. Note that this is a development preview release and not intended for production usage.

MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0.4 m3 is the third development preview release of the MySQL for Visual Studio 2.0 series.  This series adds support for the new X DevAPI. The X DevAPI enables application developers to write code that combines the strengths of the relational and document models using a modern, NoSQL-like syntax that does not assume previous experience writing traditional SQL.

To learn more about how to write applications using the X DevAPI, see For more information about how the X DevAPI is implemented in MySQL for Visual Studio, and its usage, see …

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Planets9s - MySQL on Docker with Calico, Galera Cluster DevOps Tips, Percona Live and more

Welcome to this week’s Planets9s, covering all the latest resources and technologies we create around automation and management of open source database infrastructures.

MySQL on Docker: Multi-Host Networking for MySQL Containers (Part 2 - Calico)

We’re continuing with our popular blogs covering MySQL on Docker and this time we’re looking at deploying MySQL Replication on top of three Docker hosts via Calico’s driver on multi-host networking. Having previously looked at Docker’s single-host networking for MySQL containers as well as multi-host networking and Docker swarm mode, we’re now casting our eyes on other networking drivers, starting with Calico.

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MySQL datamasking using ProxySQL

Percona Live Amsterdam is just finished… there was an entire room full day about MySQL 8.0 which is wonderful but there was also another product that everybody was talking about: ProxySQL (great job René).

Ronald Bradford and the MySQL engineering team were discussing about what tool was missing in the MySQL ecosystem and Mark Leith highlighted that a datamasking utility was really missing.

Having used already ProxySQL for Group Replication and other tests, I knew that it would be possible to use it also for this purpose. After a very short discussion and a nightly chat with …

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MySQL & Friends devroom will be present during Fosdem 2017 !

Good news ! The MySQL & Friends Devroom has been accepted for Fosdem’s 2017 edition !

This event is a real success story for the MySQL ecosystem, the content, the speakers and the attendees are growing every year.

Fosdem’s organization left out som e long time participants to give other projects a chance as welll to be present at this massive event. Hopefully we were accepted as MySQL is present at Fosdem since the very first editions.

The 2017’s edition will take place 4th & 5th February in Brussels.

I’m currently forming the committee for this new edition and the CfP should open in some days. Stay tuned and prepare your trip to Belgium for the winter !


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