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Little Pluto and Its Big Data
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The world’s scientific communities are abuzz today thanks to NASA’s New Horizons probe and its mission to Pluto, which achieved the closest approach of its flyby this morning and started collecting a wealth of new information on our solar system’s tiniest and most distant planet/not-planet. What did NASA share with us earthlings first? A picture, of course. The most glamorous profile ever recorded of Pluto, the King of the Kuiper Belt, graced the front pages of our newspapers and greeted readers with what will surely become an iconic shot. NASA knows …

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Announcing Product Integrations and Partner Program
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Dear all - we are growing, and we want you to hop on our train! We recently released product integrations with PagerDuty, VictorOps, Slack, and Hipchat so you can notify your team of all the (important) things. Last month, we announced Heroku support, and our partner program has just launched.

In the words of Baron Schwartz, “Monitoring does not exist in a vacuum, and building strong relationships with other products and companies at a …

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Useful queries on MySQL information_schema
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MySQL information_schema comes with useful information about the database instance, status, … etc. which is needed for daily DBA work.
There are some simple queries on the information_schema that I use on my daily basis in which I’m writing this post for my reference and maybe a good reference for someone else too …

Finding tables without Primary or Unique Keys:

PKs are so important, especially, for InnoDB tables as MySQL uses PKs as a clustered index and having no PKs might lead to severe performance problems.

Also having no PKs is one of the main causes of slave lagging problems mainly when using RBR …

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VividCortex Announces Product Integrations and Partner Program for Database Monitoring
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VividCortex, the monitoring solution for the modern data system, introduces the following: integrations with PagerDuty, HipChat, VictorOps and Slack, Heroku support and partner program.

Charlottesville, Virginia (PRWEB) July 14, 2015 – VividCortex, the monitoring solution for the modern data system, expands its offering through new integrations, support and partnerships. As data grows exponentially, the performance of diverse, distributed systems becomes more difficult to monitor and optimize. VividCortex has developed a unique suite of tools to see what is …

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The JavaScript Connector for MySQL you never heard of
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It’s easier now than ever before to stand up a web server and connect it to a database using node.js and Express. Using node.js to get data out of a relational database used to require that users become well versed in SQL technology.

So the MySQL dev team started on a project to make it trivial (well, easy) to store and retrieve documents from MySQL and deliver them to node.js applications. Without using SQL. The result is  called mysql-js and I’d like to introduce it to you. You can download it today at  …

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Ansible and Loading MySQL Databases Part I
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Automation software like Puppet, Chef, and Ansible can quickly load software on virtual servers. But how do you get your MySQL database instances loaded on these new servers? And how do you do it securely? Lets start with a fairly common pairing.

Ansible and Vagrant work very well together and the documentation for getting both to work together is rather extensive. BTW the newest version VirtualBox is 5.0 was …

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TechSling Article: Why Database Downtime Eats Away at the Bottom Line
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Speed matters. That’s why you’re willing to pay a dollar more for milk at the convenience store — it’s quicker than waiting in line at the supermarket. And that’s why you will lose business if your database slows down the customer experience.

This is especially true of e-commerce websites. Forty percent of people won’t wait more than three seconds for a mobile shopping site to load. Amazon estimates it would lose $1.6 billion a year if its web pages took one second longer to load. If consumers won’t wait one second for Amazon, they won’t wait for your database to come back online.

And that’s just the direct bottom-line …

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MySQL on NUMA machines just got better!
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A followup to my previous entry , my patch that was part of Bug #72811 Set NUMA mempolicy for optimum mysqld performance has been merged!

I hope it’s enabled by default so that everything “just works”.

I also hope it filters down through MariaDB and Percona Server fairly quickly.

Also, from the release notes on that bug, I think we can expect 5.7.8 any day now.

Identifying temporal columns in old format in MySQL 5.6 and above
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I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from my post on upgrading temporal columns from MySQL 5.5 to MySQL 5.6 format, both in the blog comments and directly from people who have used my query to identify which columns are candidates to be upgraded to the new format. Based on the feedback and some changes in more recent MySQL releases, I think it's worth doing a follow-up post.

Partioned tables

It was pointed out to me that the SQL query I used in my previous …

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MySQL Cluster 7.2
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MySQL Cluster 7.2 (7.2.21 GA, published on Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015)

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