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Using MySQL sandbox for upgrade testing
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Recently I tested several different MySQL upgrade scenarios for the blog posts I wrote about the temporal format upgrade. This required me to create a bunch of tables with datetime/timestamp/time columns in MySQL 5.5 and then physically copy those tables to a MySQL 5.6 or 5.7 database. I created 4 copies of each table to test out InnoDB versus MyISAM and partitioned tables versus non-partitioned tables. MySQL Sandbox made the process easy.

These are the MySQL versions I wanted to test:

  • 5.5.34
  • 5.6.15
  • 5.6.22
  • 5.6.25
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Bypassing SST in Percona XtraDB Cluster with binary logs
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In my previous post, I used incremental backups in Percona XtraBackup as a method for rebuilding a Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) node without triggering an actual SST. Practically this reproduces the SST steps, but it can be handy if you already had backups available …

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Unobvious “Unknown column in ‘field list'” error
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Recently we got request from our customer that something is going wrong with their database and they’re are getting strange errors after each insert or update to specific table. The strangeness caused by “Unknown column ‘column-name’ in ‘field list'” message while this column was existing in this table. Our investigation shown that this was caused by trigger on the table they were trying to do the insert/update. This trigger did the insert to another table where the mentioned column didn’t exist.

Let me show you example:

create test DB and 2 test tables:

create database test;
use test;

create table t1 …
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Bypassing SST in Percona XtraDB Cluster with incremental backups
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Beware the SST

In Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) I often run across users who are fearful of SSTs on their clusters. I’ve always maintained that if you can’t cope with a SST, PXC may not be right for you, but that doesn’t change the fact that SSTs with multiple Terabytes of data can be quite costly.

SST, by current definition, is a full backup of a Donor to Joiner.  The most popular method is Percona XtraBackup, so we’re talking about a donor node that …

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innodb_fast_checksum=1 and upgrading to MySQL 5.6
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The Percona version of MySQL has been such a good replacement for the generic MySQL version that many of the features and options that existed in Percona have been merged into the generic MySQL.

Innodb_fast_checksum was an option added to improve the performance of checksums.

The system variable was replaced by innodb_checksum_algorithm in 5.7.

Unfortunately, when you go to upgrade from Percona 5.x to Percona (or generic mysql) 5.6, an in-place upgrade will fail.

The error(s) will be …

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The downside of the MySQL 5.6 implicit temporal column format upgrade
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I've written two separate posts about the MySQL 5.6 temporal column format change, but I haven't yet addressed the problem with the way this upgrade was implemented. Essentially, the problem is that the implicit format upgrade causes a write-blocking full table rebuild the first time you run ALTER TABLE after upgrading, …

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The MySQL 5.7 Optimizer Challenge
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In the MySQL team, we have been working really hard on refactoring the optimizer and improving the cost model. The hacks of storage engines lying to the optimizer are being rolled back, and your chances of getting an optimal query plan should now be much higher than in prior releases of MySQL.

The optimizer team has also allowed cost constants to be configurable on both a server and a storage …

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Why We Love CircleCI
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We are pretty much raving fans of CircleCI and we are not ashamed to say it. Here’s why.

What Does CircleCI Do For Us?

It would be reasonable to describe CircleCI like this:

  • continuous integration and testing
  • compiles our code for us
  • automated QA

But that misses the point, because what they really do is they help us delight our customers. And they don’t just provide tools or ingredients or recipes for this. They provide a solution. I know it’s a buzzword and I have avoided saying “solution” since back in the day when I was …

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How to Avoid SST when adding a new node to Galera Cluster for MySQL or MariaDB
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State Snapshot Transfer (SST) is a way for Galera to transfer a full data copy from an existing node (donor) to a new node (joiner). If you come from a MySQL replication background, it is similar to taking a backup of a master and restoring on a slave. In Galera Cluster, the process is automated and is triggered depending on the joiner state.

SST can be painful in some occasions, as it can block the donor node (with SST methods like mysqldump or rsync) and burden it when backing up the data and feeding it to the joiner. For a dataset of a few hundred gigabytes or more, the syncing process can take hours to complete - even if you have a …

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How to configure WEBM
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Architecture of WEBM system.


View this PDF:

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