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Containing your logical backups: mydumper in docker
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Even with software like Percona Xtrabackup, logical backups remain an important component of a thorough backup strategy. To gather a logical backup in a timely fashion we rely on a tool called mydumper. In the Percona Managed Services department we’re lucky enough to have one of the project’s most active contributors and many of the latest features and bug fixes have been released to satisfy some of our own use cases. Compiling mydumper remains one of my personal bug bears and undoubtedly the …

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Support for MySQL Transaction Isolation Levels in Galera Cluster
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This post was written by Seppo Jaakola, CEO of Codership.

There appears to be great misunderstanding as to what MySQL transaction isolation levels Galera CLuster actually supports and how. This blog post tries to give answer to those uncertainties.

Galera Cluster provides SNAPSHOT ISOLATION between transactions running on separate cluster nodes. Transactions running on the same node are isolated by whatever was configured as the transaction isolation level in the MySQL configuration. So, if you have configured the default REPEATABLE READ isolation, transactions issued on the same node will behave under …

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MariaDB 10.1 Release Candidate
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I installed the MariaDB 10.1 Release Candidate. Nothing interesting happened, which from MariaDB's point of view is good. But here's how I tried to make it interesting. Some of this applies to late releases of MariaDB 10.0 as well.


My habit is to download the source to directory X and then say "cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/X" (the same directory), then "make", then "make install". That doesn't work any more. Now I can't install in the same directory that I downloaded in. Not a big deal; perhaps I'm the only person who had this habit.

Crash with ALTER

In an earlier blog post …

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Percona Live Amsterdam 2015
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On Monday 21 September Percona Live will start in Amsterdam.

The program is full of interesting topics and I am sure a lot of great discussions will follow.

I whish all my best to all my colleagues, friends and customers that will attend it. Have fun guys and drink a couple of beer for me as well.


That is it, I had decided to do not submit speech(es) and to do not come this year, not only to Percona Live but to most or all the conferences.

I want to stay focus on my customers for now, and be …

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MySQL Router on Labs – The Newest Member of the MySQL family
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The MySQL team are busily working on improving ways to use MySQL in scalable highly available systems. As most of you are already aware, the MySQL Group Replication project is progressing at full speed. Indeed, we just got preview release 0.5 out, while Fabric 1.5.6 was just released and work is ongoing for the Fabric 1.6 release.…

My Guidebook for Percona Live Amsterdam, 2015 - Part II
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I see on Facebook that many of my friends are already on their way to Amsterdam for Percona Live Amsterdam 2015 that starts on Monday. As I explained, I am not going there, but I'd like to share my ideas on …

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Log Buffer #441: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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This Log Buffer Edition dives deep into the ocean of blogosphere and surfaces with some cool blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


  • Lets Talk DB Perth
  • The Fundamental Challenge of Computer System Performance
  • Index Advanced Compression: Multi-Column …
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VividCortex Agent Benchmark
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The purpose of this project was to measure the potential overhead of VividCortex Agent, which is used by database monitoring system. This benchmark is part of a consulting engagement with VividCortex and paid by the customer.

The assumption is that VividCortex agent uses CPU processing time, and we should see an impact on user queries when the workload is CPU-intensive (how much is to be measured). The impact on IO-bound should be small or insignificant.

Workload …

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High Availability Galera Clusters for Indonesia’s leading eCommerce Payment Gateway
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Indonesia, the fourth most populous country in the world, is emerging as an economic powerhouse in Asia Pacific. With 60% of a population of 250 million being under 30 years of age, growing internet penetration and greater spending power by the middle-class have catalyzed the eCommerce sector. The vast majority of Indonesians don’t own credit cards, so local eCommerce players have developed innovative payment solutions.

Veritrans was established in October 2012, and in under 3 years, has grown into one of the largest payment gateways in the country. The company processes payments (credit/debit card, internet and mobile …

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Percona Live Amsterdam: Community Dinner, last updates
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Registration for the Percona Live Amsterdam conference community dinner at is ongoing. Please note the following:

  • By Monday noon the kitchen will make the necessary purchasing. At this time we will have to give them a number, which we will not exceed.
  • The number we will give them is $(number of registrants Monday 12:00) + X, X being a constant
  • Those X tickets will be available until Tuesday 12:00
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