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MySQL 5.7 By Default 1/3rd Slower Than 5.6 When Using Binary Logs
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Researching a performance issue, we came to a startling discovery:

MySQL 5.7 + binlogs is by default 37-45% slower than MySQL 5.6 + binlogs when otherwise using the default MySQL settings

Test server MySQL versions used:
i7, 8 threads, SSD, Centos 7.2.1511

mysqld –options:

--no-defaults --log-bin=mysql-bin --server-id=2

Run details:
Sysbench version 0.5, 4 threads, socket file connection

Sysbench Prepare: 

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MySQL Cluster 7.5.2 Is Now Available!
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I’m happy to announce that the third Development Milestone Release (DMR) of MySQL Cluster 7.5 — 7.5.2 — is now available!

Some highlights of this third milestone release of MySQL Cluster 7.5 are:

  • This release is based on MySQL 5.7, so users can enjoy many of the …
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Hark: The Software Paradox
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Stephen O'Grady at RedMonk has launched a new Podcast called Hark. In his second episode, he and Agile programming guru Kent Beck have a thoughtful discussion around the ideas in O'Grady's book "The Software Paradox." …

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I joined the MySQL Community Team !
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As some already noticed it, I’ve recently joined the amazing MySQL family in Oracle.

I’m now part to the awesome MySQL Community Team and I will be mostly present in EMEA.

Why did I make such change ? Oracle offered me the opportunity to work in a domain I really like and I was already trying to represent the MySQL Community as much as I could but mostly in using my own free time (twitter, facebook, FOSDEM, …). Now this is my full time job !

Yes, OK, but why Oracle ? To be honest this answer is very easy to reply. Somebody interested in the MySQL Community for the last few years should be blind to not see the amount of work the MySQL …

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How to install TYPO3 8.1 with Nginx (LEMP) on Ubuntu 16.04
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This tutorial shows how to install and run a TYPO3 (version 8.1) web site on a Ubuntu 16.04 system that has a Nginx web server installed instead of Apache. This kind of setup is often called LEMP = Linux + Nginx (pronounced "engine x") + MySQL + PHP). Nginx is a fast and efficient HTTP server that uses less resources than Apache and delivers pages a lot faster, especially static files.

Planets9s - Sign up for our MySQL Database Performance Tuning webinar on June 14th
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Welcome to this week’s Planets9s, covering all the latest resources and technologies we create around automation and management of open source database infrastructures.

Sign up for our MySQL Database Performance Tuning webinar on June 14th

You’re running MySQL as backend database, how do you tune it to make best use of the hardware? How do you optimize the Operating System? How do you best configure MySQL for a specific database workload? If these questions sound familiar, then this webinar is for you. We’ll discuss some …

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Azerbaijan MySQL User Group meetup at Qafqaz University as part of E-Days 2016
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I would like to inform community, as an Azerbaijan MySQL User Group leader I have attanded to E-Days-2016 and talked about MySQL, Open Source and the power of “BUG”s
Here are some photos from meetup:

Why use provisioned IOPS volumes for AWS databases?
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In this blog, we’ll use some test results to look at the rationale for using provisioned IOPS volumes for AWS databases.

One piece of advice you often hear running MySQL, MongoDB or other databases in the AWS EC2 environment is that you should use volumes with provisioned IOPs. This kind of makes sense on the “marketing” level, where provisioned IOPS (io1) volumes are designed for IO-intensive database workloads, while General Purpose (gp2) volumes are not. But if you go to the AWS volume type description, you will find that gp2s are shown to have pretty good IO …

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CloudWatch Integration in VividCortex
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Until recently, VividCortex was still in the process of building some important support mechanisms for Amazon RDS. RDS is an extremely powerful database service, and for some purposes it requires its own, unique tooling. We needed to find a way to provide important operating system metrics, which are normally very useful in an environment and allow us to understand how a database interacts with available resources.


With our recent integration of CloudWatch, all of that changes. We’re now able to pull in all metrics regarding a database …

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MongoDB Administration Checklist for MySQL DBAs
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In this blog, I discuss a MongoDB administration checklist designed to help MySQL DBAs.

If you are MySQL DBA, starting MongoDB administration is not always an easy transition. Although most of the concepts and even implementation are similar, the commands are different. The following table outlines the typical MySQL concepts and DBA tasks (on the left) to corresponding MongoDB ones (on the right). If you happen to be a MongoDB DBA and want to learn MySQL administration, you can use the same table looking from right to left.

I’ve also created a webinar, …

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