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Separate docs for MySQL Connectors
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The MySQL documentation section has always had this Topic Guides page containing links to the docs for the various MySQL Connectors -- the official database drivers for various languages and programming technologies. That is the most convenient way to get the information for each Connector in PDF form, rather than downloading the entire Ref Man PDF. For HTML, it was more of a shortcut, because
Log Buffer #281, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs
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The Log Buffer Edition is one-stop joint to know about the latest blog entries regarding the database technologies like Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. Enjoy this Log Buffer #281. Oracle: Whilst working with Oracle BPM Process Composer, Andrew began to receive the following error when opening projects. Christian Screen is moving ODBC DSNs from source [...]
Cisco Access Registrar ODBC Remote Server KeepAliveTimerInterval
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In a test lab, we ran into a situation where the connection between our Cisco Access Registrar (AAA) server and MySQL server was timing out. This forced the server to reconnect and resulted in the following errors:

 name/radius/1 Error Server 0 ODBC client (DataSource 'my_odbc', Connection 8): SQLExecute failed: SQLState:08S01 NativeError:2006 ErrorText:[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-5.0.21-log] MySQL server has gone away
name/radius/1 Error Server 0 Service odbc has no active remote servers available

Obviously, the MySQL server was still there, but after the wait_timeout expires, the server severs the idle connections. By default, the wait_timeout is set to 8 hours. This is obviously much longer than is usually necessary, but in our test lab, it caused problems every morning.

The fix is

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Unexplained function output
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I was asked today to confirm the operation of INET_ATON() and INET_NTOA() functions for converting IP4 strings to numeric representations. My tests on the machine I was just connected to at the very instant reported the following results.

| VERSION()       |
| 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT INET_ATON('') AS ipn;
| ipn        |
| 1252352460 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> SELECT INET_NTOA(1252352460) as ipa;
| ipa           |
| |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

The results on the client via ODBC using MySQL 5.0.45 was?



What is causing this? It was

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Dusting off code: FederatedX
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I have been meaning to, for months, get working on the FederatedX storage engine. There are a lot of great features it has -- such as better support for transactions as well as some architectural changes, thanks to the work of Antony Curtis. It now is designed so that the connection is abstracted into a federated_io_ class. This allows you to be able to subclass different connection schemes/drivers. For instance, I have the code for Federated ODBC that I need to take the code from and port to a federated_io_odbc class.

FederatedX has been pulled into an older MariaDB repository (thanks Antony!) that I need to merge with the latest, as well as figure out how to get the test suite to load the plugable storage engine. I've tried to add 'INSTALL PLUGIN federated SONAME 'ha_federatedx.so'' to the test, but the server expects ha_federated.so to be in a particular file location. That needs to be solved.

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How To Access MySQL from Oracle With ODBC and SQL
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The Oracle gateway for ODBC provides an almost seamless data integration between Oracle and other RDBMS. I won’t argue about its performance, limits, or relevance. It serves a few purposes; set it up and you’ll be able, for example, to create database links between Oracle and MySQL. After all, wouldn’t it be nice if you could run some of the following SQL statements?

  • select o.col1, m.col1 from oracle_tab
    o, mysql_tab@mysql m where o.col1=m.col1;
  • insert into oracle_tab (select * from mysql_tab@mysql);

This post is intended to share, the same way

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Point of Sale systems, and their back-ends
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Old Town White Coffee is a place we’ve been hanging out a lot at. Its got wifi, power sockets, couches, good food and drink, great eye candy (bonus!), and is open till late.

Today, we found out that all their PCs that hold the orders (order{1,2,3,4}) have Samba shares. Open to all, naturally.

They use Crystal Reports. Have a custom front-end, with appropriate touch screen drivers, but the back-end is pretty stock. They use MySQL, Connector/ODBC 3.51.12 and also use SQLyog 5.30. I know the system is designed and deployed by NIT, it looks like their F&B POS.

Their use of MySQL (schema wise), includes using VIEWs, stored procedures and triggers (on UPDATE and DELETE).

I wonder how many point of sales systems are powered by open source

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building c/odbc 5.1 on mac os x
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to build connector/odbc 5.1 on mac os x leopard, the first thing you will need is xcode. then you will want to install a recent version of mysql (5.0 or 5.1, or even 6.0 if you are feeling adventurous).

to be able to build the gui setup library, you will need to install qt, but i have found it easiest to work with qt3, not the latest qt4. you can download the last release of that from trolltech’s ftp server — the file is called qt-mac-free-3.3.8.tar.gz. you will need to apply this patch to allow it to compile on leopard. i configure it with some options to eliminate stuff i don’t care about, and to build statically:


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connector/odbc 3.51.25 and 5.1.4
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connector/odbc 3.51.25 and 5.1.4 were released today. the new 5.1 release has been deemed “generally available,” which is our really ridiculous term for a non-alpha/beta/rc release.

it was the day for the connectors team to do releases — previews of connector/openoffice.org and pdo_mysqlnd made it out before us, and i believe that a connector/net release is in the wings.
connector/odbc 5.1.3 (release candidate!)
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yeah, it is all odbc, all the time here, it seems. that is just because i can’t write about the really exciting stuff. soon!

that is not to say that releasing mysql connector/odbc 5.1.3-rc is not a huge milestone! it took us a while to get there, but we finally have a unicode-aware odbc driver that is, in our opinions, production-ready. now we just need some community feedback to find out if we are right. there are a few minor issues we know about already, but the impact of those is generally small enough that the majority of folks should not have any problems.
connector/odbc 3.51.24
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the march of progress continues, with the release of mysql connector/odbc 3.51.24. we are down to 33 bugs, most of which will not get fixed further 3.51 releases, but will be fixed in 5.1 or later. i think the two remaining issues we might fix in 3.51 are the crashes of the setup library on mac os x (which may just require a 10.5 build) and bug #12805.
iodbc and mac os x problems
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working with the iodbc driver manager on mac os x has been a frustration on two fronts.

first, the installer api functions provided by iodbc constantly set the configuration mode to ODBC_BOTH_DSN, which means you have to keep resetting it to the correct value after nearly every installer api call. this problem is platform-agnostic — the iodbc code is just plain wrong.

second, when called from the odbc administrator application on mac os x, any failures that the driver reports or passes through from the installer api in registering the driver are ignored, and the application instead uses a generic prompt for dsn configuration.

so even with the first problem fixed, the second problem has led to a lot of tail-chasing until i discovered that the odbc administrator application only obtains enough privileges to

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connector/odbc 5.1.2
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connector/odbc 5.1.2 was released today. this will probably be the last beta. we have gone back and triaged all of the bugs filed against connector/odbc, and have identified a few bugs that we have to fix before we will release a release candidate, but overall the trend of bugs is very encouraging. there are only a handful of bugs filed specifically against 5.1, and the total number of connector/odbc bugs is down to under 60.
new responsibility
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while we start to wind up development of connector/odbc 5.1, i will also be taking on responsibility for libmysql, the c library that defines the client interface to mysql, and the mysql command-line utilities. there are about 120 active bugs in those areas right now, so the first task will be getting that down to a more manageable number.

after that, the field will open up for new development. i know that an asynchronous interface to libmysql is on some people’s wishlist, and there are other areas where i think that libmysql could be cleaned up in general.

but the idea that i think is the most exciting is to

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More notes from UnixODBC + Maxdb
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I built a simple ODBC program that attempts to connect to a data source and tells you whether the connection succeeded or not.

It works. Yay. I also moved the example config directory to the example directory, since that's what they are.
Notes from UnixODBC + MaxDB
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$ dltest /opt/sdb/programs/lib/libsqlod.so SQLAllocHandle
[dltest] ERROR dlopen: /opt/sdb/programs/lib/libsqlod.so: undefined symbol: _ZTVN10__cxxabiv120__si_class_type_infoE

$ LD_PRELOAD=libstdc++.so.5 dltest /opt/sdb/programs/lib/libsqlod.so SQLAllocHandle

I put this example odbcinst.ini file in /etc, and this example odbc.ini file in my home directory as $HOME/.odbc.ini, and then ran the following:

$ LD_PRELOAD=libstdc++.so.5 isql MailDB dba dba

and voìla! Now to get down to the important bits...
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