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Creating a basic C/C++ Program to Interact with MySQL and MariaDB
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In this post, I’ll cover how to create a simple C/C++ program that interacts with MySQL using the C API (and Connector/C). I discussed in a previous post how to install the C Connector (both SkySQL and MySQL’s), so please refer to that if you are looking for more specifics on that.

So once you have that set up, then there are just a few more things you need to have in order – at least this was the case in my environment.

1. Create a program (this one simply connects to the server and retrieves the server version):

#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <mysql.h>

MYSQL *conn;
int version = 1;

int main ( int argc, char *argv[] )
    conn = mysql_init ( NULL );
    mysql_real_connect ( conn, "localhost", "root",
            "password", "test", 3308, NULL, 0 );
	version =
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Setting Up Connector/C and SkySQL C Connector for MySQL and MariaDB
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I’m writing a post on how to create your first C/C++ program for MySQL (using Windows, and from the command line). A prerequisite for that is to have a C Connector, such as MySQL Connector/C or SkySQL C Connector, so the program can communicate with mysqld.

I didn’t want that post to be too scattered, so I decided to split it into two, more focused posts. That said, this first post will focus on the Connector, and the next post will actually cover the program itself.

Installing and using Connector/C with MySQL is quite simple, so I wanted to show how easy it is. I also wanted to show examples with both SkySQL C Connector with MariaDB (which also works with MySQL) and Connector/C with MySQL, since both are widely used. I also wanted to show some common errors one might encounter and their resolutions, so hopefully this will help

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Resolving Error: master and slave have equal MySQL server UUIDs
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If you’ve run into the following error, then there area couple quick fixes:

Errno: 1593
Fatal error: The slave I/O thread stops because master and slave
have equal MySQL server UUIDs; these UUIDs must be different for
replication to work.

To give some background first, starting in MySQL 5.6, the server generates a true UUID in addition to the –server-id supplied by the user. This is ultimately to help with new replication features.

From a under-the-hood view, when starting, the MySQL server automatically obtains a UUID as follows (per the manual):

  • Attempt to read and use the UUID written in the file data_dir/auto.cnf (where data_dir is the server’s data directory); exit on success.
  • Otherwise, generate a new UUID and save it to this file,
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    Mitigating the Effect of Metadata Lock (MDL) Contention
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    If you see the “Waiting for table metadata lock” error, you may be wondering what is the best course of action to prevent it in the future. I have briefly discussed troubleshooting metadata locks before, however, that post more illustrated how easy it is to encounter the “Waiting for table metadata lock” error in both MyISAM and InnoDB. It provides simple examples for reproducing using both storage engines, so one could hopefully more easily identify where the locks are stemming from in their particular case.

    Pin-pointing which transaction holds the locks is a different story. There are feature requests filed in MySQL and MariaDB bugs databases to track this information, but they are recent, and no ETA is scheduled for either yet, as far as I know:

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    Resolving Missing sys Include Files: devpoll.h, epoll.h, event.h, and queue.h during CMake when Building MySQL on Windows
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    As I mentioned in a previous post that I’d mention how I resolved some additional missing include files when building MySQL on Windows.

    In this post I cover 4 missing header files, as they are all related and have to do with polling, and headers (and functions) from libevent, and in the folder /sys. I’m not sure if one should even use these functions from libevent on Windows, as these are not needed for Windows, and may not be beneficial either (that last part I’ve just read briefly about, so I’d need to that a bit more myself to be 100%), but including the headers won’t hurt, as it doesn’t hurt if they don’t exist.

    At any rate, here were the 4 related missing header file warnings:

    -- Looking for include file sys/devpoll.h
    -- Looking for include file sys/devpoll.h - not found
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    Another Idea to Help Foster a Vibrant Community: Please make all bugs public
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    Since MySQL recently implemented the following feature request (and discussed here and here) to help foster communication among public bugs and feature requests, and to provide a way to allow the Community to voice whether or not a bug affects them, I decided to file another feature request that I think would even further encourage communication amongst an already vibrant community, and that is to simply:

    “Please make all bugs public”


    And thanks to the new bugs feature, if you would like to see this

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    Resolving sasl/sasl.h Not Found during CMake when Building MySQL on Windows
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    When building MySQL (5.6 in this case) on Windows, if starting from a new/plain machine, there are some headers/libs/etc. missing that many distributions contain and/or are easy to add.

    Resolving some of these, at least for me, have not always been intuitive on Windows. So I’m attempting to tackle them all and post the results to help others with the same issues. (I thought I’d fly through them all, and provide it all in a single post .. [insert laughs here] .. but that’s not gonna happen, so I’ll post them as I go. Might be better in the long run anyway for those searching for specific errors anyway.)

    So this one is about the following, during the initial invocation of cmake:

    -- Looking for include file sasl/sasl.h
    -- Looking for include file sasl/sasl.h - not found

    Thus I need to get sasl.h. SASL stands for “Simple Authentication and

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    Comprehensive How-To for Enabling the Standard InnoDB Plugin in MariaDB and MySQL
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    I’m always switching back-and-forth between the 2 different InnoDB flavors in MariaDB – XtraDB+ and the standard InnoDB plugin, so I thought I’d simply post all of the various combinations in a single place. (And then I cover enabling the InnoDB Plugin in MySQL, since it’s an option in 5.1.) [Addition: Thanks to Andrew and Sergei for the tips on shortening plugin-load=. The changes are reflected below.]

    Note: Below is for Windows. For Linux, simply change “.dll” to “.so” where appropriate.

    MariaDB 10.0:

    Do not add anything, as the standard InnoDB plugin is the current default (as of 10.0.3, although I do anticipate this changing in the near future, and I’ll update the post accordingly when that happens).

    MariaDB 5.5:

    # Enable the 2 below to disable XtraDB+ and enable the standard InnoDB
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    Setting the TZ Environment Variable for MySQL on Windows
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    Most of us are familiar with how MySQL handles timezones, and what one must do to keep up with the latest changes, etc. Most of us use the system timezone info, which is great – one less item to update when changes occur (usually because of daylight savings changes). And for those who need more specifics, most everyone (except Windows and HP-UX) can update their timezone info using the zoneinfo database from the OS.

    For those few Windows and HP-UX, you have to download the package of pre-built time zone tables that MySQL provides. Per the manual (timezone section):

    “If your system is one that has no zoneinfo database (for example, Windows or HP-UX), you can use the package of pre-built time zone tables that is available for download at the MySQL Developer Zone:”

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    Troubleshooting High Memory Usage with MySQL on Windows
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    I was testing out the latest MySQL 5.6 on Windows (having used the auto-installer) and happened to notice my RAM usage (via Windows Task Manager) was reporting quite a high value, when I had very modest ram/buffer settings (should have been around 40M, but instead it was around 400M).

    After double/triple-checking my settings to make sure I didn’t overlook something obvious, I searched the bugs database, and ran across bug #68287:

    “High Memory Usage with MySQL 5.6.12 GA in ‘Development Machine’ mode”

    Turns out, using the auto-installer set the value of table_definition_cache=1400, when the minimum value is 400. Reducing it to 400, and restarting MySQL immediately lowered the RAM usage, and is the “work-around”

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    How to Build MySQL 5.7 on Windows from Source Code
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    I just installed 5.7.1 on Windows and next up was to build it from source on Windows, so that’s what I did, and thought I’d share the steps.

    ** Prerequisites **

    1. Install Microsoft Visual Studio (I installed VS 2010 Express – free)
    2. Install cmake
    3. Install bison (make sure no spaces in path)

    ** Build Instructions **

    cd c:\mysql\mysql-5.7.1
    mkdir bld
    cd bld
    cmake ..
    cmake --build . --config relwithdebinfo --target package

    And here is the full output for anyone who might be interested:

    C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.1
    C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.1>mkdir bld
    C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.1>cd bld
    C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.1\bld>cmake ..
    -- Building for: Visual Studio 10
    -- Running cmake version
    -- Configuring with MAX_INDEXES = 64U
    -- The C compiler identification is MSVC
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    Troubleshooting Building MariaDB 5.1 on Windows
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    This is a follow-up, troubleshooting article that goes hand-in-hand with my “Building MariaDB 5.1 on Windows Revisited” post, and covers some problems and their solutions that one might encounter when attempting to build MariaDB from source code on Microsoft Windows.

    The first error I ran into was this, on my main compile step (i.e., the 2nd cmake command):

    C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.Cpp
    Common.targets(151,5): error MSB6006: "cmd.exe" exited with code 1.

    That in itself doesn’t tell us too much. Searching the full compile output, we find:

    Generating ../../scripts/mysql_fix_privilege_tables.sql
    The system cannot find the file specified.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\Microsoft.Cpp
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    Building MariaDB 5.1 on Windows Revisited
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    I previously wrote an article on Building MariaDB 5.1 on Windows, but it was about 1.5 years ago (for 5.1.60; this is for 5.1.67), so I wanted to update this a little since I’ve built it entirely from the command-line this time (as well as highlight a couple problems/solutions – which I’ll cover in a subsequent troubleshooting post). This process it quite similar to my steps for building MariaDB 5.5 and MariaDB 10.0, however it’s slightly different since 5.1 requires you run the configure.js script before running cmake. Aside from that though, things are mostly the same.

    Here is the full procedure:

    Download 5.1.67
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    Installing MySQL 5.7.1 (Milestone Release) on Windows 7
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    I wanted install MySQL 5.7.1 (1st Milestone Release) on Windows 7 and test it out a bit, so I did, and since things didn’t go as smooth as expected, I thought I’d share my experience, in case anyone else runs into the same issues.

    I downloaded the .msi (mysql-5.7.1-m11-winx64.msi) from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ (then click the “Developmental Releases” tab) and installed it following the prompts. That seemed to complete fine, which was great. However, that was it – and not in a good way. I mean, the “installer” basically only unpacked the files to a location.

    I was expecting the “configuration” tool to run, but it didn’t. It was not installed, and not an option.

    I quickly read through the 5.7.1 changelog and found the config tool is not part of the

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    David Axmark & Monty Widenius will be Berliners on June 18th - SkySQL & MariaDB Roadshow
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    Join us at the next MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day hosted by SkySQL & MariaDB in Berlin on June 18th

    It’s a beautiful day in Berlin today and we’re putting the final touches to next week’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, which takes place on Tuesday June 18th in the facilities provided by Bitkom in Berlin Mitte.

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    High Availability for Drupal Part 2 - The Contenders
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    When looking at high availability for any CMS, and particularly for Drupal, the list of contenders for part or all of the solution is growing and can be daunting. We'll take a look at the various parts of a solution and what options we have.

    Go Cloud?

    It seems nearly every answer to every problem in IT these days is "The Cloud", but is it?

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    Immediate thoughts on Business Source Licensing
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    I just got back from a vacation to see articles about Business Source Licensing. I’ve divided my thoughts into four parts here: Opensource and its merits, Is unpaid opensource usage bad?, MariaDB’s “Problem”, Business Source Licensing. If you haven’t read them yet, here’s some mandatory reading:

  • Open source: Its true cost and where it’s
  •   [Read more...]
    High Availability for Drupal Part 1 - Investigating the Issues
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    Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) and is used increasingly in high-visibility sites, such as www.whitehouse.gov. This has brought a lot of attention on how to get the most performance out of Drupal and how to improve the availability of such sites. In this blog series I'll take you through the basics and on through to designing your own HA Drupal site.

    But first, we need to understand what the challenges are in getting Drupal (or indeed any CMS) working on multiple servers in such a way as to ensure high availability and performance.

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    Open Source, the MySQL market (and TokuDB in particular)
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    I was reviewing the Percona Live sponsors list the other day and pondering the potential success stories associated with this product or that one…. and as I was preparing to put more thought on the topic, a PlanetMySQL post caught my eye. It was penned by Mike Hogan and titled, “Thoughts on Xeround and Free!

    For some reason the author of that post makes a connection between a free account in a cloud-based service and Open Source software. I think it’s

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    Where to find the reunited Original MySQL Gang in the next few weeks!
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    SkySQL & Monty Program’s MariaDB Team coming to a city near you!

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    Last Week’s Presentations Posted
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    Last week I had to present a tutorial at Percona Live 2013, a presentation at SkySQL’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solution Day and last but not least, a presentation on a Saturday morning at Linuxfest Northwest. It wasn’t easy, but giving the presentations after our announcement early in the week about going open source was very exciting given the

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    5 years of MySQL
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    5 years of MySQL

    People often write a blog post when they reach some nice anniversary since they joined MySQL community. Well, for those old enough it usually means when they joined MySQL AB as employee. For me this was January 2008. Because I didn't remember the month correctly, I haven't blogged anything then, but decided to save it for a better opportunity - now.

    TL;DR Starting this week I will be working for 10gen, selling MongoDB to the Nordics. This blog post is really long - even then it doesn't contain the most interesting stories, I'm not sure if they can ever be published. Sorry for the length, but remember you don't need to read all at once. This is my last MySQL post so save some of it for cold winter days!

    2008 - Sun acquisition

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    MySQL Conference and Expo 2013 feelings (#perconalive)
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    I wasn’t at the MySQL Conference this year but it was very nice to follow this event from Paris.
    Of course I didn’t feel the general atmosphere by visiting booths or met fabulous people.
    But it was a great opportunity to offer you a live post about the conference with an external point of view.

    Twitter, RSS feeds (yes Google, I still use RSS), Planet MySQL and infiltrators were my best friends during this crazy week.

    I would like to summarize the major announcements and events occurs during this tenth edition.

    Oracle at Percona Live!

    Yes, Oracle was at Percona Live 2013 and it was for the best.
    I invite you to watch this

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    The Data Day, A few days: April 22-26 2013
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    Pivotal launches. SkySQL and Mony Program merge. And much, much more

    Our report on the changes in the MySQL ecosystem is now available for 451 clients and non-clients alike at bit.ly/451mysql

    — Matt Aslett (@maslett) April 25, 2013

    For 451 Research clients: VMware expands Serengeti’s horizons with updated Hadoop virtualization project bit.ly/17muQFI

    — Matt Aslett (@maslett) April 26, 2013

    For 451 Research clients: SkySQL, Monty Program merge to support MariaDB following formation of MariaDB Foundation bit.ly/10dsdjf

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    SkySQL Solutions day on Friday April 26! Free! As in free beer! Really!
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    Yes, Percona Live ends on Thursday, but on friday. at the same location, there is SkySQL Solutions day. Attendance is free, and among the highlights yours truly will be speaking! Register here for this free event: http://info.skysql.com/roadshow2013-0 Another highlight of this is that it ends with a Biergarten. Free!

    Biggest MySQL related news in the last 24 hours, Day 2
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    Continuing on from yesterday, the biggest news that I’ve noted in the past 24 hours:

  • The commitment from Oracle’s MySQL team to release a new GA about once every 24 months, with a Developer Milestone Release (DMR), with “GA quality” every 4-6 months. Tomas Ulin announced MySQL 5.7 DMR1 (milestone 11) [download, release notes, manual]. He also announced MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR2 [download,
  •   [Read more...]
    Biggest MySQL related news in the last 24 hours
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    For me, the biggest news in the last 24 hours so far has been:

  • SkySQL merges with Monty Program, developers of MariaDB. This of course affects me directly and leads to a change in affiliation in a few months.
  • TokuDB goes opensource. I think this is really big news. Beyond just the fact that it can now be a storage engine in the main MariaDB tree, I love the work they’re doing to extend it to be an engine for MongoDB as well.
  • Continuent
  •   [Read more...]
    SkySQL merges with Monty Program Ab, makers of MariaDB
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    SkySQL has signed a merger agreement with Monty Program Ab, creators of the popular MariaDB database. Read more about it, as it features important tidbits from Patrik Sallner (CEO, SkySQL Ab), Simon Phipps (CEO, MariaDB Foundation), and Michael “Monty” Widenius (CTO, MariaDB Foundation).

    A key takeaway is that SkySQL will work alongside & collaborate closely with the MariaDB Foundation, plus continue to invest in the development of the MariaDB server.

    SkySQL Merges With MariaDB Developers To Create ‘Next Generation Open Source’ Database Company
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    SkySQL today announced that it has signed a merger agreement with Monty Program Ab, creators of the fastest growing open source database technology: MariaDB.  This merger reunites key members of the original MySQL AB developer and services teams. Their aim is to develop MariaDB into a truly interoperable, NewSQL open source database in collaboration with its customers, partners and the community. The company also pledges to further evolve its offering for users of the MySQL database.

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    SkySQL named 2013 Top 100 Europe winner, more dates added for MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day
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    We were delighted last week to find out that we’d been named one of the ‘2013 Top 100 Europe’ winning companies by the Red Herring editorial team. Congratulations to all companies involved!

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