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Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus This virtual world presentation will be delivered at the Sun Microsystems Islands on the Solaris Campus. Up above, I'm chilling at the Solaris Campus on one of the Sun virtual islands.Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus The MySQL open source database continues to increase in popularity with usage estimated at 12 million
Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators: Sun Solaris Campus Event
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Second Life Presentation on Sun Solaris Campus May 5, 2009 9:00 am PDT This virtual world presentation will be delivered at the Sun Microsystems Islands on the Solaris Campus. Up above, I'm visiting the Solaris Certification Center.Demystifying MySQL for Solaris Administrators George Trujillo (Ty Valdez) and Steve Jones will be presenting a Demystifying MySQL for Solaris
Presentation Materials Online
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Special thanks to all those who came out for the MySQL Workbench Tutorial and Workshop sessions, I hope they were of use to you.

The materials are now online. A PDF of the slides is available here and a video of the slides and speaker is available here. These materials are also listed on my Presentations page.

Please note that the video is RTSP streaming MP4, allowing you to jump around the video at will. You’ll need Quicktime, VLC or another appropriate player to view it. I’m trying something new with the built in camera on my laptop, providing a video image of the speaker along with the slides. Let me know what you think.

Pythian Goes to the MySQL Conferences
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I’m very proud to share with you a few things: Sheeri K. Cabral, Nick Westerlund, Paul Vallée, Peter Ling, and I (Augusto Bott) will be in Santa Clara, CA for the MySQL Conference and Expo, MySQL Camp, and the Percona Performance Conference, next week.

Nick and I will be presenting a session called Proactive Operational Measures on the Percona Conference, and another session called 8 Rules for

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Video: What the MySQL Is This, Anyway?
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Giuseppe Maxia and I are in the exact middle of our leg of theMySQL Campus Tour. Yesterday’s session was recorded — play the video online right in your browser at http://technocation.org/node/700/play or download the 80 Mb .mov file at http://technocation.org/node/700/download.

A PDF of the slides can be downloaded at http://technocation.org/files/doc/2009_04_Tour.pdf (21 Mb).

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures of the standing-room only crowd, and lunch with the great folks at Cal Poly afterwards:

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Using the Infobright Community Edition for event log storage
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Apart from the primary "here's how we ended up using Infobright for data warehousing and how is that working out" topic I'm going to discuss in my MySQL Conf presentation I'll touch on another application, the use of Infobright's open-source Community Edition server for collection and storage of event logs. This is a system we've implemented in the past couple of months to solve a number of data management problems that were gradually becoming problematic for our infrastructure.

We've traditionally stored structured event log data in databases for ease of management. Since Habbo uses MySQL for most everything else, putting the log tables in the same databases was pretty natural. However, there are significant problems

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What would you like to hear from me in MySQL Conf?
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I'm going to be talking in MySQL Conf 2009 about our business intelligence and data warehousing solutions for Habbo. Since this blog is syndicated on Planet MySQL, and I presume many of the people going to the conference read it, here's a question: would you like to hear about the why's of our technology selection (eg, IT management level questions), the techniques we use for analysis (for the BI analyst or startup technologist), or about the nuts and bolts of the database implementation itself (for the DBAs in the crowd)? I'm going to be touching on all three aspects, perhaps more, but can and will focus on one of the areas in more detail.

MySQL@FOSDEM 2009: a summary
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Now that FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels, Belgium is over, it's about time for a conclusion/summary. I've been to FOSDEM for about five times as both an attendee and speaker, but this year I was much more involved. On Saturday, I gave a lightning talk about "Why you should use Bazaar for maintaining your OSS project". On Sunday, I gave a talk about "MySQL High Availability Solutions" in the main conference track. Both went fairly well and there was good feedback from audience. I've uploaded the slides for both talks to the FOSDEM 2009 page on

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Monitoring MySQL
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The slides for my Monitoring MySQL talk , which I gave earlier today in an overcrowded MySQl Developersroom at Fosdem are now online, both at my site and at Slideshare

As of now I actually expect people to use those slides for schoolwork or next year in a main Fosdem track :)
As afterall that is the goal of Open Source and spreading the word ..

MySQL Monitoring Shoot Out View more presentations from Kris Buytaert. (tags: mysql monitor)
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Top Ten Keys to Delivering a Great Presentation
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Here is my list of top ten things to do to deliver a great presentation.Make sure you properly prepare your presentation.Create a great first impression in the first ten seconds.Show enthusiasm and energy for your topic.Speak to the audience. Use the works "I", "you", "we" to engage the audience.Make eye contact with individuals throughout the presentation. Make each person feel as if you are
Being a "Great" Presenter
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Being an excellent presenter is one of the most important skills you need to have to be successful in your career. Excellent presenters:Make more money.Have larger social and business networks.Have more opportunities brought to them.Have more opportunities to positively impact other people.At the same time, when lists of top fears are shown, public speaking is always number one on the list of
Alex Gorbachev at Oracle Open World 2008: Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware
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If a MySQL DBA from Pythian goes to Oracle Open World, it would be a shame not to send an Oracle bloke, so there I am — presenting a 90-minute session on the first day of the OOW 08 entitled Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware.

I gave it during RAC Attack in Chicago and I’m pretty satisfied with how it went, so there should be no significant changes to the presentation. The session is in “User Group Forum,” thanks to RAC SIG and Dan Norris.

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Backups: A Video Presentation By Keith Murphy From the June 2008 Boston MySQL User Group
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The Boston MySQL User Group was lucky enough to get Keith Murphy to speak at the June User Group meeting, about backups.

Direct play the video at:

Direct download the video (351 MB) at:

Links referred to in the presentation:

MyLVMBackup by Lenz Grimmer

InnoDB Hot Backup:
Prices are at:
and at the time of this writing are:
1-Year License ?

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Memcached Webinar - 560+ registrants
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A big thank you to all those who attended the memcached webinar today on which I was a panelist. I was told that there were more than 560 registrants.

The feedback I received directly and indirectly shows that there is a lot of interest about memcached. In the future, I hope to work again with MySQL/Sun on more memcached related webinars.

If you attended the webinar and have some suggestions, comments or questions, please contact me at fmashraqi at yahoo dot com or post a comment on this blog.

Special thanks to Jimmy Guerrero, Monty Taylor, Rich Taylor, Edwin DeSouza and Alex Roedling for their hard work in arranging the webinar. Also thanks to Brian Aker, Matt Ingenthron and Trond Norbye for their assistance at various phases.

In case you missed the webinar:
  • webinar recording: Designing and

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MySQL UC 2008 Presentations
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Since I wasn’t able to get to this year’s MySQL UC (employer change caused problems with US visa obtaining and I didn’t get visa in time) I’m really interested in all presentations people are posting after their sessions. I decided to collect them all in one place and would like to share with others - maybe someone will find it interesting to read what people have to say about many interesting aspects of MySQL usage.

So, I’ve created a folder in my Scribd.com account which you could use (and track using RSS readers) to find out what interesting presentations were published. You can use either my account or mysqluc08 folder there. One more possible option to track mysqluc

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Testing PHP/MySQL Applications with PHPUnit/DbUnit
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Here is the presentation material I used for my "Testing PHP/MySQL Applications with PHPUnit/DbUnit" presentation at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, CA today.

| View | Upload your own

A PDF version of the presentation is available here, notes by Joe Stump (Digg.com) are

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Measuring MySQL Server Performance Talk Slides
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There’s no video for Jacob Nikom’s December 2007 Boston MySQL User Group meeting, but the slides for “Measuring MySQL Server Performance” can be downloaded (2.33 MB) at http://technocation.org/files/doc/Measuring_MySQL_server_performance_03.ppt

And with that, this is (I believe) post #10,000 at Planet MySQL!

Trip to Zurich
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I spent Thursday and Friday in Zurich, Switzerland visiting my friends Marcus and Caitlin and attending the Google Open Source Jam.

On Thursday, I arrived in the early afternoon in Zurich. Getting to Zurich from Siegburg is easy and takes less than five hours as there is a direct ICE connection to Basel and from there it is just one more stop with an IC or

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FrOSCon 2007
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Last weekend saw the second installment of the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) in Sankt Augustin. The conference revolved around a rich schedule of talks, highlighting current topics in Free Software and Open Source. Moreover, Open Source projects took the opportunity to organize their own meetings or even their own lineup of events. Just like last year, the PHP usergroups of Dortmund and

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