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Percona Live 2013: initial list of sessions
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Committee's reviewing process for session proposals for Percona Live 2013 conference is now complete. It is now time for scheduling, checking, double checking, organizing, categorizing and publishing the session schedule. This will take some time. However, we've put together a list of 10 sessions already approved.

Now, just building a list of 10 sessions is quite the task: the sessions must be rated high, present a broad range of topics, target audience, speakers... This list is not necessarily "the top 10 sessions you will ever see in the conference", but rather "a list of 10 great sessions you might want to see in the conference".

After all, any single attendee cannot see all possible sessions; but we sure want the

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Speaking in London: common_schema, DBA's framework for MySQL
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I'm happy to be speaking about common_schema at Percona Live London, Dec 4th, 2012. This will be the first chance for me to speak about common_schema, what I believe to be an extremely useful companion to your MySQL server.

I will show you how common_schema can leverage your SQL skills and give you new powers. Stuff you had to be SQL-Perl-super-expert to work through is easily attainable with common_schema and QueryScript. Some maintenance, security and auditing tasks are now a breeze. Writing server side scripts can be fun!

What I won't do:

  • Read the fancy manual aloud
  • Walk you through every possible view,
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Percona Live 2013: Tutorials schedule released!
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I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Tutorials Schedule for Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, 2013.

This schedule comes as the outcome of hard work put by the reviewing committee members. Thanks! This work is much appreciated!

We got a good number of submissions. We've also reached out to prominent speakers and companies we felt would give great tutorials. All were reviewed, rated, discussed, compared; re-reviewed; some required further feedback from speakers.

Thank you to all speakers for submitting their proposals! I'm very sorry if your tutorial didn't make it through -- we have good tutorials left out -- there's only so much time in one day!

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Meet you in London - Percona Live MySQL Conference
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Continuent is proud to sponsor Percona Live MySQL Conference: London 2012!  Don't miss these five (5) talks by our database replication and clustering stars: Keynote: Future-Proofing MySQL for the World-Wide Data Revolution, by Robert Hodges Why, What, and How of Data Warehouses for MySQL, by Robert Hodges Multi-master, Multi-site MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten, by Robert
Don't miss these five (5) Continuent Tungsten talks at Percona Live London
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Learn tips and tricks from the database replication and clustering stars: Future-Proofing MySQL for the World-Wide Data Revolution, by Robert Hodges Why, What, and How of Data Warehouses for MySQL, by Robert Hodges Multi-master. Multi-site  MySQL Databases Made Easy with Continuent Tungsten, by Robert Hodges and Giuseppe Maxia MySQL High Availability: Power, Magic and Usability, by Giuseppe
Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2013, Call for Papers
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I'm honored to accept the role of conference chairman in the upcoming Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, April 22th-25th, 2013, Santa Clara, CA. Here are a few administrative announcements:

Call for Papers

Call for papers is extended until Oct 31st. We've already received a good number of submissions, but wish to provide with another chance for latecomers. Now is a good time to submit!

The committee will begin the long reviewing process shortly.


Members of the reviewing committee are:

  • Roland Bouman (Pentaho)
  • Ronald Bradford (Continuent)
  • Laine Campbell (PalominoDB)
  • Colin Charles (MontyProgram)
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Why you should attend Percona Live 2012
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Read the original article at Why you should attend Percona Live 2012

What I loved about Percona Live 2011 Last year I was excited to go to Percona Live for the first time in NYC. I arrived just in time to hear Harrison Fisk from Facebook speak about some of the awesome tweaks they’re running with MySQL there. It’s not everyday that you get to hear from [...]

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Galera Presentation in PerconaLive, London Conference
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Team Codership will give a Galera presentation in the next event of the distinguished PerconaLive conference series in London (Oct 25).

We will send a three person mini-delegation in the conference, and here we follow the guidelines we have been preaching to the Galera community for long: always have at least three members in the cluster for high availability. With the presence of conference buffets, evening reception, London attractions, pubs & night life, Chelsea stadium etc..., our team may have to do a few internal failovers. But, three member staffing guarantees that at least one of us is available at all times for any discussion you may want to get us involved with, preferably HA, replication

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