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Tales of the Trade #6: Percona Live 2013
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Percona Live 2013 schedule & events summary
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Here's the (hopefully) complete list of events throughout and following the upcoming Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo, 2013.

The schedule is quite packed! Make sure to take a deep breath beforehand:

Monday, April 22

09:30 - 16:30: Tutorials

16:30 - 18:30: Welcome reception in Expo Hall

18:30 - 20:30: …

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Assistance wanted: DotOrg Pavilion on Percona Live 2013
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I'm looking for assistance in manning a DotOrg Pavilion on the upcoming Percona Live conference in Santa Clara.

As you may or may not know, free and open source projects are eligible to ask for a free booth on the Expo hall. This is a good chance to promote one's project.

Of course, someone must stand behind the counter and answer [technical] questions.

I should like to have a booth for …

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Speaking on the media: OurSQL, Reversim
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I had the pleasure of speaking on two excellent podcasts:


No need for me to introduce this podcast. I just have to say it was only when I interviewed that I realized the amount of work taken for producing one single cast. Kudos to Sheeri & Gerry and Rich Goyette the sound producer and thank you for your kind hospitality!

You can find the cast on OurSQL Episode 129: New and Extended, where we speak about the upcoming Percona Live MySQL …

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Percona Live 2013 news: Oracle, BoF, Lightning Talks
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Oracle? Oracle! We're extremely happy to have Oracle as presenter in Percona Live 2013!

You can expect three sessions by Oracle engineers:

MySQL 5.6: Performance Benchmarks, Tuning, and Best Practices - Dmitri Kravtchuk

MySQL 5.6: What’s New in InnoDB - Sunny Bains

• …

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Win a free Percona Live 2013 pass -- unveiling riddle hints
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Apparently my first attempt at rhyming proved to be unsuccessful: only two courageous men attempted solving the riddle. As I'm pretty sure a free pass would appeal to many, and I do have a few readers for my blog, I must conclude my riddle was just too hard. Obscure, perhaps.

Hope I didn't scare anyone off. Without further ado I present some hints. This post will update with more hints as the day progresses -- please refresh to see changes. I start with two hints.

But first, recap of the riddle:

Who …

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Sessions of interest in Percona Live 2013
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Percona Live 2013 is shortly upon us, and it might be a good idea to watch for what's ahead of us.

Talks of interest

There is no way I can do justice to all. I wish to point out a small number of sessions I am personally interested in attending. I will not be able to attend them all, since there are too many sessions of interest and too few instances of myself (merely one).

I've tried to list some talks which are not absolutely obvious (when Peter Zaitsev speaks of MySQL performance, or Monty speaks about MariaDB, or Robert Hodges or …

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Percona Live 2013 schedule released!
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I'm happy to report the release of the program schedule for the next Percona Live event, April 2013.

While you can see there are still some "TODO"s, and minor scheduling changes still to go, the overall reviewing process is complete, and the schedule is sound.

The committee has reviewed over 250 submissions in total, sessions and tutorials. It took two months to review the sessions and finalize …

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Percona Live 2013: initial list of sessions
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Committee's reviewing process for session proposals for Percona Live 2013 conference is now complete. It is now time for scheduling, checking, double checking, organizing, categorizing and publishing the session schedule. This will take some time. However, we've put together a list of 10 sessions already approved.

Now, just building a list of 10 sessions is quite the task: the sessions must be rated high, present a broad range of topics, target audience, speakers... This list is not necessarily "the top 10

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Speaking in London: common_schema, DBA's framework for MySQL
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I'm happy to be speaking about common_schema at Percona Live London, Dec 4th, 2012. This will be the first chance for me to speak about common_schema, what I believe to be an extremely useful companion to your MySQL server.

I will show you how common_schema can leverage your SQL skills and give you new powers. Stuff you had to be SQL-Perl-super-expert to work through is easily attainable with …

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