MySQL and Mozilla

I have been a member of Oracle since April 2011. I am forever grateful to Oracle and the MySQL Team for allowing me to join and work on their behalf.  Oracle has been very supportive of MySQL and I look forward to their continued advancements with MySQL.  I have also traveled all over the United States meeting and talking with members of the MySQL community and it has been wonderful.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and talked or attended, not only my sessions, but all of the MySQL sessions at conferences.

I do enjoy supporting MySQL and I will be continue to blog and speak at events whenever I am able too. I will however be moving on. Since people will ask, I am going to be joining the "independently spirited and fiercely unconventional" database team at Mozilla. I kind of stumbled onto this  opportunity but I look forward to a future with Mozilla. As you might have guessed I am a big supporter of Open Source and Mozilla fits that very nicely for me.

I am excited to get my hands dirty again with code and SQL so look for more upcoming blog posts from me.

Again, THANK YOU for all of your support.