Multi-source replication for MariaDB is here

I yesterday finished the work for the first version of multi-source replication for MariaDB.

I first want to thank Peng Lixun at Taobao for giving us the code that I used as a base for this patch. Their patch worked and was used in production, but didn't have all the features needed for a 'full solution'. I have now added those.

Typical use cases for multi-source replication are:

  • You are partitioning your data over many masters and would like to get it all together on one machine to do analytical queries on all data.
  • You have many databases spread over many MariaDB/MySQL servers and would like to have all of them on one machine as an extra backup.

The new syntax introduced to handle many connections:

  • CHANGE MASTER ["connection_name"] ...
  • FLUSH RELAY LOGS ["connection_name"]
  • MASTER_POS_WAIT(....,["connection_name"])
  • RESET SLAVE ["connection_name"]
  • SHOW RELAYLOG ["connection_name"] EVENTS
  • SHOW SLAVE ["connection_name"] STATUS
  • START SLAVE ["connection_name"...]]
  • STOP SLAVE ["connection_name"] ...

"connection_name" specifies with master you are working with.
The original old-style connection_name is an empty string ''.

Full documentation for the multi-source feature can be found here.
Feel free to add comments to the above page if you have any questions!

This is now pushed into the 10.0-MariaDB tree and will be merged into the MariaDB 10.0 tree to be included into MariaDB 10.0.0 in a few days.

By the way:
For those that missed the announcement, another new exciting thing that just was made available in MariaDB is the Cassandra storage engine.