Few words about pt-archiver

I really like the percona toolkit, we all love the percona toolkit.
I know how it’s difficult to write operational and efficient scripts (I try to do that myself everyday)
And it is even more difficult to share a script, to take the responsibility to share its own code.
From there, understand that this article is simply a review of my own thoughts about pt-archiver (with the invaluable assistance of @maximefouilleul), I don’t want to question the quality or usefulness of this tool.

I tried pt-archiver for the first time this week, and the first thing I do before using a tool is read the documentation (yes, I really like to read documentations)

I was intrigued by some options of this tool, first, I can read “It deletes data from the source by default“.
Personally, I hate that you want to remove my data by default, I prefer to have a –delete option instead of a –no-delete option (even if there is a –dry-run option).
The difference is not trivial for me, I love my data…

–why-quit ??? I don’t understand the real interest of this option, if the tool stops without doing its job, why hide this information by default ?

Also, it seems that –txn-size–progress and –limit options must have the same values for the tool to work properly. But I have to open a bug report for that.

It is only few words, no bitterness, just a feedback.

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