Percona Live London, emerge from the shadows, submit your talk before September 8th!

Those who regularly read this blog knows how much I am excited about Percona Live London each year. Now, it is time for me to take part in the organization of this event as a member of the committee and chairman of the conference.

I am really proud to join the committee this year and very happy to share this role with Ivan, Ben, David, Todd and Kenny.

You can imagine that I am honored that Percona has made me this beautiful gift.
Now, we face the challenges!

I am also very pleased to introduce myself as a member of this committee as an employee of Dailymotion. ‘Cause Dailymotion offers me an incredible chance to do my job with passion and fun, like never before.

When I started this blog I wanted to do it as honestly as possible and as humbly as possible.
And I wanted to keep the same mindset when I started with Max.
I’ll naturally jump into this adventure with the same beliefs and with the same independence.

As members of the committee, we will have the difficult task of selecting talks and tutorials.
Call for papers is still open and runs until September 8th, submit your talk or tutorial now and enjoy a free pass!

If you are using MySQL, you might have something to say. Tell us about your life, it’s more interesting than you think.
I would love to see some new faces this year, I would like to see renewed talks and to see companies that we didn’t see in the last edition.
Also, sessions about MongoDB, Hadoop, TokuDB, Redis, ES and other open source associated technologies are welcome.

Be sure that the real life story issued from your real DBA life will fit perfectly in the conference schedule and hit the bull’s eye.

Emerge from the shadows, come on and join the community!

Now, we can work hard to provide a great conference but this work will be in vain without attendee.
Did you know that you can still enjoy a special price for the conference until September 15th?

Save money and play for time, you have a thousand reasons to register

We need all of you to make this conference the best gathering place for DBA in Europe.
Because we are MySQL!

I hope to meet you in London in November. If you have any question about PLUK2013, post a comment.

Good luck and have fun!

PS : Special dedication to Shlomi, thanks for your advices friend