MySQL Connect –Davi Arnaut

Davi Arnut will be speaking at MySQL Connect and is a great presenter. Do not miss this rare chance to hear him.

What are your speaking about at your session?
How InnoDB organizes and stores table data.

Who would benefit most from attending your session?
DBAs and developers interested in learning more about the finer details of how InnoDB organizes and stores data — and what are the implications of that.

What other sessions would you recommend or are planning to attend?
Just to name a few:
The InnoDB Buffer Pool and I/O: How It All Works [CON3497]
MySQL 5.6 at Facebook [CON7798]
MySQL at Twitter [CON8194]
MySQL @ Facebook: Lots and Lots of Small Data [CON7446]

What did you learn last year at MySQL Connect that really benefited you?
I learned a lot just by talking with other MySQL engineers.

Why should ‘Joe Average’ DBA or Developer attend MySQL Connect?
Hear and lean more about different aspects of MySQL. Share and network with the MySQL community at large.

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