Collection of my thoughts, quotes, (bad) jokes..

A collection of thoughts, quotes, jokes, .. which I posted as status updates on Facebook. My favorites are bold (no pun intended).

They say sucking is a newborn instinct we forget; some people, however, keep sucking their whole lives.

Love has the symbol ♡; what symbol would hate have?

Putting MySQL Cluster on virtual machines and expect it to behave.

If only my wallet was as big as my heart..

If you dwell long enough in shit, you forget it stinks.

A System that is not Intuitive is not a System.

Sometimes it’s better to wait for the fire to see how to actually extinguish it. Standing ready with a bucket of water, just to find out that the flames come out of a frying pan is not productive.

What’s a Miss eating a steak? .. A mistake!

What’s a t-shirt with an issue? .. A tissue!

I am connected with my wife. Not through Facebook, but in real life.

Humans are wireless fetuses.

The MySQL Community dissolved into an Ecosystem.

A fart is like thunder: you hear it first, you smell it later.

So much websites, so little information.

(If you are crazy enough to use one of the above quotes: you can, but let me know where you used it and of course, credit me. Oh, I’m so vain!)