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Building lifelike virtual avatars to help people connect in VR

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) is using groundbreaking 3D capture technology and AI systems to create lifelike virtual avatars. The technology could one day make social connections in virtual reality as natural and common as those in the real world.

Facebook has worked on virtual avatars for several years. At F8 2016, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer introduced new avatars for Facebook Spaces, replacing the floating blue head in use at the time with an updated model featuring new facial features and lip movement. At F8 last year, he debuted Facebook’s efforts into more lifelike avatars being developed by FRL Pittsburgh. In the brief demo, audiences saw two realistic digital people animated in real time by members of the team.

The FRL team has made significant progress in the two years since Schroepfer debuted …

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Using AI and satellite imagery for disaster insights


A framework for using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on satellite imagery to identify the areas most severely affected by a disaster. This new method has the potential to produce more accurate information in far less time than current manual methods. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to allow rescue workers to quickly identify where aid is needed most, without relying on manually annotated, disaster-specific data sets.


Researchers from Facebook and CrowdAI train models on CNNs to detect human-made features, such as roads. Existing approaches for disaster impact analysis require data sets that can be expensive to produce because they require time-consuming manual annotation (for instance, annotating buildings damaged by fire as a new class) to train on. This new method only uses general road and building data sets. These are readily available and can be scalable to other, …

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