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GitHub acquired by Microsoft

Microsoft has just acquired GitHub for $7.5bn.  Good or bad?

Injected VC capital was $350m, so ROI for the VCs = 21.4x = very happy VCs.

Microsoft has done excellent work on OSS software in recent years, including on the Linux kernel, PHP, and many others.  Just like Oracle continues to put very good effort into MySQL after the Sun Microsystems acquisition many years ago.

But Microsoft is not an Open Source software company. The open source development model is not something they have built into their business “DNA” – processes (actually many companies that only do OSS haven’t got that either). So why GitHub? Combine it with LinkedIn (acquired by Microsoft earlier), and you have developers’ resumes. That’s valuable. It’s a strategically smart move, for Microsoft.

Will GitHub users benefit, and if so, how?

Well, I expect there’ll be more hoovering of “useful” (meta)data by a …

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