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Hide VividCortex's Queries From The Profiler and Explorer

VividCortex now has the ability to filter out agent-generated queries from the Explorer and Profiler views, which rank queries to show the most-time-consuming, most-frequent, and similar.

On systems that are idle, the agent's own queries tend to appear in the top 10 or so overall. This might be interesting the first time you see them, but most users quickly develop a desire to hide these queries because they've already reviewed them and determined they're not actionable. Well, now you can hide those queries: just click the checkbox!

The GIF above shows the Profiler, and there's a similar checkbox in the Explorer, just above the RESET/APPLY buttons:

Et voila! You're now hiding queries that are known to be generated by the agents, helping you focus in on the queries that are interesting to examine in your MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis servers.

Find Queries That Need Indexes With VividCortex

Queries can be slow or resource-heavy for many reasons, but one of the most common is that the table doesn't have a good index for the query. This is true for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and especially for MongoDB. Adding an index where it's missing is often a night-and-day improvement, as shown in this screenshot of a query's performance. The index was added midway through the time range, and the query got dramatically faster:

(That image is from Rocio Delgado's Query Performance At Scale presentation about process and tooling at GitHub).

Discovering queries that can benefit from adding indexes is typically a task for an expert, but at VividCortex we've made it possible for anyone, even a novice, to figure out which queries to examine. Our smart algorithms prioritize which queries can benefit most from speedups, and then look at which of those …

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