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Find Queries That Need Indexes With VividCortex

Queries can be slow or resource-heavy for many reasons, but one of the most common is that the table doesn't have a good index for the query. This is true for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and especially for MongoDB. Adding an index where it's missing is often a night-and-day improvement, as shown in this screenshot of a query's performance. The index was added midway through the time range, and the query got dramatically faster:

(That image is from Rocio Delgado's Query Performance At Scale presentation about process and tooling at GitHub).

Discovering queries that can benefit from adding indexes is typically a task for an expert, but at VividCortex we've made it possible for anyone, even a novice, to figure out which queries to examine. Our smart algorithms prioritize which queries can benefit most from speedups, and then look at which of those …

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