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Rebuilding a Web Platform for 30M Users

We’re redesigning our playground’s tech stack, and we’re sharing our experiences as we go. Lots of fun, a pain to maintain — via RollerCoaster Tycoon/Hasbro

Since I founded Poki, we’ve grown a lot. Every month, tens of millions of players around the world use our platform for easy access to free games. More recently, we’ve launched a publishing service to help game developers succeed on web and mobile.

What once started as a collection of web games is now growing into a platform for play: Poki brings game developers and users together in a sustainable way and gives developers a fair share of gameplay revenue. We’ve only just begun, but we’ve been quick to realize that building a platform means reimagining every aspect of our business.

One such aspect is our codebase: the current version of — currently serving 30 million unique users …

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