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Druid @ Airbnb Data Platform

How Druid enables analytics at Airbnb Realtime and batch analytics at Airbnb and the role Druid plays in our analytics system architecture

By Pala Muthiah and Jinyang Li

Wikipedia: A druid was a member of the high-ranking professional class in ancient Celtic cultures. It is believed that druids perform secret rituals in forests, not unlike this unique Experience on Airbnb!

Airbnb serves millions of guests and hosts in our community. Every second, their activities on, such as searching, booking, and messaging, generate a huge amount of data we anonymize and use to improve the community’s experience on our platform.

The Data Platform Team at Airbnb strives to leverage this …

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Superset: Scaling Data Access and Visual Insights at Airbnb

By Alanna Scott, Bogdan Kyryliuk, Eli Brumbaugh, Jeff Feng, Max Beauchemin and Vera Liu


At Airbnb, one of our fundamental beliefs is that data access should be democratized to empower every employee in order to make data informed decisions. We believe that grounding decisions with quantitative insights from data, together with qualitative insights (e.g. in-person user research) result in the best possible business decisions. This applies to all parts of the organization, whether it is about deciding to launch a new product …

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