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Netflix Billing Migration to AWS - Part III

In the billing migration blogpost published a few weeks ago, we explained the overall approach employed in migrating our billing system to the cloud. In this post, the database migration portion will be covered in detail. We hope that our experiences will help you as you undertake your own migrations.

Have you ever wondered about the elements that need to come together and align to get a complicated database migration right? You might ask, “What makes it complicated?”

Think of any challenge in database migration and pretty much all of them were there in this migration:

  • Different hardware between source and target
  • OS flavours
  • Migration across heterogeneous databases
  • Multiple datacenters - Netflix data center (DC) and AWS cloud
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Netflix Billing Migration to AWS - Part II

This is a continuation in the series on Netflix Billing migration to the Cloud. An overview of the migration project was published earlier here. This post details the technical journey for the Billing applications and datastores as they were moved from the Data Center to AWS Cloud.
As you might have read in earlier Netflix Cloud Migration blogs, all of Netflix streaming infrastructure is now completely run in the Cloud. At the rate Netflix was growing, especially with the imminent Netflix …

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Netflix Billing Migration to AWS

On January 4, 2016, right before Netflix expanded itself into 130 new countries, Netflix Billing infrastructure became 100% AWS cloud-native. Migration of Billing infrastructure from Netflix Data Center(DC) to AWS Cloud was part of a broader initiative. This prior blog post is a great read that summarizes our strategic goals and direction towards AWS migration.  

For a company, its billing solution is its financial lifeline, while at the same time, it is a visible representation of a company’s attitude towards its customers. A great customer experience is one of Netflix’s core values. Considering the sensitive nature of Billing for its direct impact on our monetary relationship with our …

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