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PrestaShop a new level of performances

I) What’s new in PrestaShop

A lot of things have been improved on PrestaShop :

  • Design
  • Invoices
  • Search
  • Performance : we have done a lot of work to improve the overall performances of PrestaShop, and reached in some cases a whooping 10x improvement.

Let’s now dig into the optimizations we have put in place, and do some benchmarks.

II) Which parts of PrestaShop are faster? 1) Faster single-threaded performances

Thanks to our internal tools (to be publicly released soon!), we quickly identified the bottlenecks of PrestaShop which were impacting directly the generation time of the pages, and hence the SEO and the user satisfaction.

At the PHP level, without the cache activated, after launching a crawl on a real shop, we collected all the datas we needed in a few minutes :

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