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MyComponents: Campus: MYSQLTABLE1

SciBit is proud to announce the availability of our newest portal:

This site is open to any and all whom which to publish or present a course on any subject. Of course, we will appreciate it very much if some of your courses do address solutions and work arounds to problems you might have experienced in regards to products and/or environments in which some SciBit products function, ex. MySQL, Delphi, Kylix, ASP, etc. But, as mentioned, your courses can be on any subject you choose, and is a way for you to give back some of your acquired knowledge to the world. We have added a few categories already and any one can register as a teacher, to compile your own courses, or as a student, to signup for courses (if they are hidden from public view).

If you wish to compile private courses and do so as a commercial venture using SciBit's Secure …

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MyComponents: Quick Tip 7: How do I get any file contents into a blob?

This question pops up often, but the solution is not specific to MyComponents, and will work in and with any Borland dataset component (in fact, this is how you are suppose to do it in Delphi/Kylix):


the following of course also works:

or you can also use the LoadFromStream and SaveToStream methods.

NOTE: If you post blobs to a table in MySQL you should keep a couple of things in mind:
1. The blob value is sent to the MySQL using a standard SQL statement. For this purpose, the value is hexed by the dataset and thus 2 SQL characters=1 blob byte.
2. Most MySQL servers' "max_allowed_packet" variable is set to a default value of less than 1Mb and a single sql statement must fit within one packet and thus within …

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